March 31, 2010

week completiONE

week one is complete! well except for maybe a little dessert tonight... this week has been great and im really happy with how i feel and the changes in daily life that this raw food diet creates. its great to not have to count calories or fat, stick to one slice of this or that, or be tempted by that hunk of french bread sitting at eye level in my cabinet. i love that all of my food yummy and there is no tempting when all of your food is healthy and raw! ive been messing around at "new frontiers natural foods market" and getting quite aquatinted with veggie mixtures and cold-pressed dressing concoctions. my average day goes something like this...

upon waking: my version of "green lemonade" made out of TJ green juice (spirulina, kale, spinach, wheatgrass blend), gravenstien raw apple juice, lemon juice, and a bit of raw honey. i don't have a juicer so this is the best way for me to get the nutrients from the detox

breakfast: 20 oz. fruit smoothie- usually acai blueberry or orange juice, mixed frozen berries, pineapple or mango, honey, and pomegranate seeds

snack: fruit, fruit juice, or fruit iced tea

lunch: large veggie salad with raisins, seeds, and gold elixir or honey mustard dressing

snack: dried unsulfured fruit, homemade breakfast bars, larabar, or seeds

dinner: varieties of baked or roasted veggies, raw salad or cut veggies, and sprouted grain tortilla or bread

dessert: almond butter and apple or larabar

now this is just a little bit of an oversimplification but overall its been pretty close. im surprised at how little i have been craving foods that i "cannot" have (except like i said before i am missing cheese, sandwiches, and foofy coffees). so im a pretty, darn happy girl!

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