April 4, 2010

these are my confessions.

im a proud mama. well maybe not mama but cook. this easter i made two great quiches for our massive easter brunch with all of the relatives. a pesto, roasted pepper, and sun-dried tomato along with a simple sharp cheddar and spiced sausage. mmm. this is where the confessions come in... i ate cows milk and cream, sugar, unbleached white flour, and too much food period. don't you worry though- i am back to my lovely raw diet tonight and i am looking forward to a nice fresh fruit smoothie in the morning!

as for this lovely picture! i made an asparagus gruyere tart! it was quite delicious if i do say so myself. and i have to add, that i browned and sweetened onions (with olive oil, garlic, and brown sugar) and laid them down the middle. even better.

how was your easter? filled with great bunchy food, old traditions, and inappropriate luncheon conversations? oh my gosh, me too!!!

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