February 29, 2012

leap year post.

random ramblings for wednesday, february 29th.

::: another 'fave find' that i will share with you later this week. an incredible art store right around the corner that some how finds its way into almost everything i do now... art class? bored at home? wishing i wasn't studying? blog inspiration? they all lead me to believe that i may need to make a few purchases and have an art day this weekend.

::: pathophysiology and pharmacology. you tricky devils you. i am quite positive that i have cumulatively made more flashcards in the past six weeks than over my whole life. too bad i aced your first test. boom roasted.

::: slight addiction to all things involving photosynthesis. succulents, herb pots, raised bed miniature garden via pinterest, hanging crate plants. i think 'sloat' did this to me and now all of a sudden i am only drawn to the apartments online that have garden/backyard access or large porches. maybe a trip to the 'japanese tea gardens' in golden gate park this weekend?

::: shots. (a year ago this would be a different kind) but for now, a painful amount of shots yesterday has me feeling yucky and achey (i guess last years kind does the same thing) but really, the kind with the needle. thanks for humbling me usf student clinic after i learned how cool it was to give them last week. officially grounded again.

::: shout out to my walnut girls, b, han, and the fam in slo. especially since you guys are the only ones reading this. miss you all and fyi you're awesome.

::: scrolled thru my entire blog the other day and was pleasantly surprised to be able to look back a year or two or three ago to see what i was up too. pretty cool embition, pretty cool.

::: remember how i told you i was getting off crutches, well not so much. still on them (super lame). yes, i am on week eight. but get to start physical therapy next week. hallelujah for movement.

::: an overwhelming amount of indulgences this past weekend served me well but has shot my motivation to do anything productive this week. thin mint girl scout cookies, instyle magazine purchase, girl dinner date, oscars cheese and wine night, farmers market veggie buys, and first experience with a cappuccino on a wonderful brunch outing (i love caffiene). studying doesn't quite compare when you put it next to those goodies. too bad emily, its time to study again.

happy leap year!

February 27, 2012

fave find: sloat nursery

found a new little hole in the wall that reminds me of home.
visited sloat nursery today after studying in a coffee shop in the marina.
brings me back to slo in a way- pretty pots, organized little starter plants and seeds, and fun gardening gadgets.
no purchase today but i will once i get some supplies from father green thumb in a few weeks at home.
i highly suggest dropping by!
hope you're having a great monday!

February 25, 2012

saturday morning farmers.

spent my saturday strolling/ hobbling around the ferry building farmers market.
this just happens to be one of my favorite san francisco places.
good coffee, great food, hippies with produce and starter plants, beautiful gifts, crisp ocean views, and incredible people watching.
classic sf.
sampled fruits, veggies, jams, cheeses, and dips.
cheese, bread, succulents, what else could you need. 
 and enjoyed this incredible stilton, arugula, and caramelized onion cowgirl creamy grilled cheese.

happy saturday friends!

February 24, 2012

needles + oranges.

folks, nursing school got real today.
learned injections and loved it!
sub-q, im, intradermal, insulin.
you name it and i can stick it.

how much do you love that our initial learning took place on a hotdog and a cutie?
i bet you'd be surprised to know that we had to perform exact titrations, aspirations, and angular sticks or the lovely cutie and hotdog would have 'complications'.
and to toot-my-own-horn, i was darn good at placing (hotdog) ppd tests.
perfect little bubbled guys.

starting to get practical and i love it.

February 22, 2012

worth it.

"i'm not telling you it's going to be easy, i'm telling you its going to be worth it." - art williams

extra good thoughts for all of my crazy exams tomorrow and the next day
and a big cyber kiss/hug for my little friend in pt school!

February 21, 2012

first week.

shared by a fellow nursing student and could't be more true.
you'd be surprised how intense bed making, bathing, mitering, and gloving are.
and i wouldn't consider myself a pansy.

February 20, 2012


slobound (verb): a facebook term used by cal poly alumni for status updates when venturing
back to san luis obispo for the weekend.
(synonyms for 'slobound' include: 'i wish i never had to leave slo', 'college was the best ever', 'i still party even though i am supposed to be a big, graduated person', 'i will be on marsh street this weekend between 10pm and 2am', 'slo is better than my hometown', and 'i will eat firestone, get breakfast burritos, see everyone that i graduated with at the bars, and eat taco bell at 1:30am")

never really got this facebook status memo until i moved up here and realized the crazy high that you get when you are driving on the 101 and almost to slo on a friday evening.
thanks nursing school for bringing me up here, letting me love the city, but allowing me to go to slo to have a great time. i now understand the thrill of 'slobounding'.
(roomies- love youuu!)
case and point, slo was great this weekend.
just the perfect amount of family and friends time before this nursing school steals my sleep and life for the next few weeks.

happy monday!

February 15, 2012

painted ladies.

i've been trying to take different routes home from school, friends, doctors appointments, and dinners to see all the parts of the city and get acquainted with street names and favorite spots. 
today, in efforts to keep this up, i headed home a different way and ran into alamo park...
oh and then the painted ladies!
full house anyone?
on another note, went to the doctor today and i am healing well and headed to physical therapy next week. not quite off the crutches completely yet but slowly pairing down and walking around with my straight peg leg.
baby steps are good with me.

February 14, 2012


happy valentines day to my one and only valentine- ever:)
i love you like crazy brandon nicholas!

can't wait for a postponed valentines date this weekend-
all my love, hugs, and kisses from 397 miles away!

February 13, 2012


i love san francisco...

Dear USF Community:
Be advised that tomorrow, Feb. 14, during the weekly noon test of the San Francisco City and County outdoor warning system, the City of San Francisco may play Tony Bennett's "I Left My Heart in San Francisco" to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the song.
Thank you,
Department of Public Safety

no big deal, just a little tony bennett for the city tomorrow. thanks for the email USF:)

February 12, 2012


the last week was crazy.
first round of 'quizzes' proved to require a valiant amount of studying.
not joking, all-day-long study sessions for days at a time proved to be worth it,
but man-oh-man those teachers can sure write some HARD tests.

in between all of that studying,
i ventured out to catch a few new sites around the city,
and i feel like you'd like to hear about them...

::: kels- around the corner irish pub for drinks with the sf 'walnut crew' (can you say friends for life?)

::: chestnut st.- utoh, found chestnut street in the marina and loving all that it has to offer. strolled around the shops and grabbed dinner and drinks with mewy and friends. so many fun places to eat and shop.

::: buckshot- for happy hour with the whole class friday afternoon for a much needed 'celebratory/we got through this week' beer. shuffleboard, ski ball, and animal-head-filled walls.

::: chinese new year parade- forged through the already overcrowd chinatown to see the sights at the parade. so festive, so crowed, so fun.

on the map for this week:
excited for taco tuesday at the blue light with nursing girls.
hopefully, getting off of crutches- HOORAY!
homework and studying extra hard in anticipation for a slo walnut reunion.
home for the weekend and b will be in slo too!

thanks for listening friends!
have a great sunday!

February 8, 2012

becoming cool.

for as long as i can remember, i have dreamed of wearing a stethoscope around my neck.
honestly, it is 'all that is cool' in my book.
it stands as a major symbol to me.
and it's just plain cool.
i have always envied the doctor that comes into starbucks with his around his neck 
and the nurse walking down the hall with hers wrapped around.
so, in a much needed break from studying cancer pathology and treatment pharmaceuticals today, 
i ordered my scope. 

yep, thats right folks...im gonna get to be 'that cool'.
she's seafoam green (for the little ones enjoyment) with a special pediatric bell.
i'm in love and i haven't even met her yet.

simulation skills check-offs start next week and we need our own,
so now i'll be good to go!
fun fact: starting maternity clinicals in may- oh dayummm. 

February 6, 2012

oh geez.

and i'm in nursing school.
see you in two years.
i guess they call it 'accelerated masters' for a reason.
but for real, (nerd alert) it's sooo cool.

February 3, 2012

tourists + the boy.

i had a little visitor last weekend and we made our way around the city to all of the touristy spots.
he's the best + the city is the best.
aka great four days.
yea, joined all of the people with cameras and visited fisherman's wharf and the marina. yeaaa.
 no joke. b and i had a slight obsession with the sea lions. as in we stayed and watched them for about and hour cause they are legit.
 haven't been to alcatraz yet but i see it in my near future. do you know how much i love prison shows? a ton.
love sf.
love school.
love adventures.
love my brandon.