August 29, 2010

missin' you

missing you BA and missing my BAer's even more!
wish i was back there with you all!
mwahhh from san luis obispo!
excited about my new google-picasa photo editor thingy too.
still tryng to figure it out but its pretty fun:)

August 25, 2010


wait til you see my...

ribs... ohhhhhh!
yummy, yummy barbecued pork ribs with maple rub! i highly suggest giving them a try. they are more like a dessert than a meat. oh well:)

this sunny weather has me living the 'summer' life these past few days.
cooking yummies with fans to cool the kitchen.
cold rootbeer floats.
movie evenings from the hot tub.
barbecued ribs.
lazy beach days.
icy lemonade and margaritas.
fish tacos.
crisp cantaloupe and juicy tomatoes from the garden.
im sensing a theme? are you? food?
gotta love summer!

August 23, 2010

all things material

alright, so to start it off, i am by far one of the most "un-instyle" people and have no say in what is cool and hipster but i can pretend i know what i am talking about every once in a while. so i actually compiled a few of my favorite "totally cute and fun parts of outfits that i like these days." and let me tell you, there gonna be all the rage next week (not).

"otk boots" as they are called these days.
'wanted dubai' from
ill admit that i already bought this... woops.
simple wrap leather watch,
okay i have these too, but i love them and "feminine detail" is apparently all the rave
'maine-iac mauve'... l-0-v-e!
'hive and honey'- green cluster necklace that i need, yea?
$8.00 from target!!!

okay well im sleepy and my uploader is quite slow.
but these are fun.

what are you liking these days?

August 21, 2010

beautifully wed

incredibly beautiful. perfectly planned. deliciously exquisite. simply extraordinary. blissfully happy.

just plain perfect!

the wedding was at the brides families insanely beautiful tuscun mansion. im talking "central coast magazine" front cover with the most beautiful bride i have ever seen. best hair, dress, make-up, smile, everythinggggg. the ceremony was in the front yard, cocktail hour in the backyard around the pool area, and dinner in a magnificently large tent that turned a horse arena into a picture perfect restaurant, night club, and party area !

one of the best parts of the whole wedding was reuniting with over 20 of my classmates and friends from preschool and elementary school. the bride was the oldest of the graduates of MCS (my elementary school) and the group of families and "children" had a blast dancing, catching up, drinking, and sharing memories. ohhh montessori!

congrats bianca and andrew! im so happy for you!

August 20, 2010

slacker status

if its any consolation seven keys on my keyboard are broken and i can barely type. i know bad excuse... i got in bed last night, rolled over, sighed, and "c-r-a-p i didn't blog" popped out of my mouth.


well looking forward, here's what the weekend has in store:
::: a 2 and 3 mile run (training for the nike women's marathon see "october 17th)
::: brick laying in the almost done, super cool, chapel looking, beautiful greenhouse
::: date with the lover boy
::: send off of the parents to v-e-g-a-s for dad's 50th birthday... old geezer ha
::: bit of back to school bargain shopping
::: make a few veggie recipes and a camera strap cover for my baby "tamara the camera"
::: movie with the extended fam and maybe seeing the roomies if they are back in town

as for tomorrow... a much more exciting blog. we went to a wedding tonight and it was soooo fun and beautiful. its very much "blog worthy" and hopefully a few of my pictures came out well!

August 18, 2010


ive learned that sometimes its okay to brag...

like when you grow the most beautiful green, yellow, and rattlesnake beans...
or when your flowers look like the picture on the front of the seed packet...
maybe when you produce the best edamame you've ever had on your first try...
maybe when your peaches are so juicy, ripe, and pretty that three is absolutely not enough...
or when "sunset" magazine could come and take a picture of your ridiculously straight rows and garden patches...
and maybe when you have imagined and created a greenhouse with such precision that not a 1/4'' is off...

ive learned that its definitely bragging material when your dad did all of this.
great job dad.
i surely do love our garden and all of its goodies!

"they say"

... it takes 21 days to create a habit.

well lets see.

1 post.
{short or long - pictures or words}
for 21 days.
not that bad, right?

i want to be a "legit" blogger and i think this may be a step in the right direction.

August 6, 2010

home sweet home

im back in slo and loving the weather! missing BA and my new BA family very much but glad to see my family and friends! i will admit that i would go back in a heartbeat... i love that city and country sooo much!

reasons why i am loving being home...
-fruits and veggies. especially since our garden is FULL of ripe and beautiful goods!
-BRANDON!!! i love that guy!
-warm weather aka flip flops, beach, and outdoor time
-family and friend time
-clean air and green mountains... ahh san luis obispo
-my bed, car, and own room- luxury at its finest
-wednesday night farmers market dinners
-being able to wear clean clothes everyday
-holding my purse on my back and not worrying about theft
-quietness... ahhhh love

reasons why i am missing BA...
-my BA family and the fourth floor hangout
-pubcrawl nights and dancing all night
-old beautiful buildings
-waking up, picking a destination, and exploring that new part of the city
-casancreme, medialunas, cafe con leche, argentine steak, queso!!!
-never knowing what tomorrow will bring
-meeting the locals and taking taxis
-trying to speak spanish
-taking pictures
-finding little cafes and scoping out the local spots
-sleeping at the most random times of the day

and so much more but you get the idea. im going to put up the last assortment of pictures on today so head over and check them out!