November 29, 2009

girlie bark

dip it in hot cocoa, swirl it in with some vanilla bean ice cream, grab a slab and take a bite, and enjoy girlies!

p.s. ill be hibernating for the next two weeks of finals. so sad, but have a great few weeks and i will chat with you soon!

November 27, 2009

not-your-average black friday

jealous yet...
while most people threw elbows for electronics, board games, and sweaters...
i was plowing my way through hobby store sales!
there's nothing better than a good bias tape deal! and i scored!!!
i got everything from scented soy wax to contemporary canning jars to pink tulle to antique fabric to blanket edging to red twine.
you name it, i got it... on double, triple overtime sale!!!

here are my favorite bargain deals of the day...
martha has outdone herself once again... the essential glass glitter set. oh where to begin!
i am throughly in love with amanda blake soule.

stay tuned for the end results. i have two weeks until winter break and then its nothing but baking, sewing, and crafting for this gal.

November 18, 2009

my one true love

my mom made an amazing 100% comfort food meal last night and it is official im in love with butternut squash risotto. it is absolutely amazing and an essential for all winter season festivities. good thing dad grew enough squash to feed everyone in california.
amen for comfort food!
heres the recipe... try it, you'll be dazzled!
p.s. i know i said it before, but get ready for crafts because i just spent 45 minutes getting all of my projects together. yay for coffee and crafts!