December 17, 2012

diy round-up.

heaven only knows that this week, little elf emily will be crafting, making, and baking up a storm.
here is a little round-up of some diy projects from around the web that i am loving.

happy DIYing sweet readers!

December 14, 2012

on the agenda.

this weekend...
last minute christmas party with the walnuts- perfect.
double date- drinks and dancing at the madonna inn with B's brother and girlfriend (love them).
little bit of shopping and gift wrapping.
early morning beach walk with our dogs.
some secret christmas present making (mwahaha).
christmas tree gazing, hot chocolate drinking, classic christmas cartoon watching, candle lighting, cooking making.

aka 'have yourself a merry little christmas' weekend!
happy friday friends!

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pretty please, i promise it will be really fun!

December 13, 2012


when i am not exercising my sciency-nursing brain i like to watercolor paint.
it's relaxing, creative, and an easy little hobby with minimal setup.
a few of my recent doodles.
nothing to write home about but a fun little creative outlet.

do you paint? sculpt? craft?

December 12, 2012

a weekend for the books.

san francisco.
the greatest walnut family italian dinner.
beach blanket babylon.
bar rounds with the whole walnut family crew.
christmas shopping.
union square festivities.
christmas time in the city with the boy.

happy wednesday to you all!
hope you are celebrating the holiday season to the fullest- i know i certainly am!

December 11, 2012

diy: winter grain salads

a recent obsession of mine is israeli couscous + arugula.
after an outing with a sweet friends to a little communal table restaurant where we ordered a grain salad with these two little ingredients, i became obsessed.
i've been making little variations of the salad like no other.

1. make a batch of israeli couscous as
directed on the box and let cool
2. pick-up some arugula
(i prefer the wild, little version from tj's)
3. choose from the following combination
and add accordingly

israeli couscous and arugula...
cubed butternut squash + harissa + crumbled goat cheese + toasted pinenuts.
cucumber + heirloom tomato + feta + olive oil + lemon juice.
dried cranberries + slivered almonds + balsamic vinegar + shaved parmesan.
pecans + sundried tomatoes + crumbled goat cheese + olive oil.
mint + tart dried cherries + walnuts + orange juice.

a few hearty winter grain salad ideas.

December 10, 2012


what's your hobby?
is it the opposite of your day job or parallel with your line of work?
do you do it daily, weekly, monthly?
if you don't have one, do you want one?

i have a plethora of hobbies.
and i think the greatest thing about having lots of hobbies is that
there is always something to do, explore, see, or create.

i am fascinated by the human body, disease, health, and the psyche.
i enjoy painting, crafting, and creating art.
i would love to cook, bake, feed friends, and entertain everyday.
i love hiking, kayaking, and long walks.
i am intrigued by other cultures, travel, the outdoors, and people from different walks of life.
and i am always looking for ways to better myself and my relationships.

with all of these things, i try to find outlets to channel my interest
because i find great purpose in exercising all of my passions.
in efforts to help you find your hobby of choice, i have put together a little 'hobby helpers guide'.
a few hobbies that i really want to pursue more...
throwing pottery, reading, and finding my nitch in an a exercise program that i love.

let me know how you like this guide. hit on any new possible hobbies that you would like to take on?

December 7, 2012

on the agenda.

this weekend comes with much anticipation!
dinner and 'beach blanket babylon' show with my girls, their families, my parents, and the boy in the city.
christmas shopping with the parents.
a christmasy, san francisco date with the boy that hopefully will include hot chocolate and ice skating.
shopping/luncheon/girl day with my sweet nursing friends.
doing a celebratory dance for being halfway done with my masters in nursing (wahoo!).

p.s. last night my whole nursing class had a large celebratory party that was too fun for words.
nerdy, tipsy nurses. loved it.

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pretty please, i promise it will be really fun!

December 6, 2012

nursing + crafting.

like every other nursing student, i have a little stress in my life.
one of the ways that i have found helpful for calming my (ridiculously crazy) nerves is a bedtime ritual.
i light my capri blue volcano candle, brew a cup of lavender chamomile or mint tea, spray my lavender spray, and chill out in my bed with the lights off while i do something non-school related.
it has become 'my thing' and i really like it.

in efforts to give some of my nursing friends a little bit of 'relaxation in a package', i conjured up a crafty and grad school budget idea to put together lavender nursing sachets, my favorite herbal teas, and a candle in a mug for their six week break enjoyment.

and here they are.
nothing says 'thank you for all of your support, poop jokes, study guides, pre-sunrise clinical carpooling, and friendship' like a little handmade, red cross, lavender sachet.

happy holidays to all my nursing friends- may you sleep a little better knowing that 4:30am alarms are still two months away!

December 5, 2012

wrap it up.

gosh, i just love the christmas season.
everything just seems better in red and green with hot chocolate, jingle bells, and good company.
in combination with mondays post on gift giving, i find it fitting to introduce you to some of my favorite and potential gift wrapping solutions for this years presents.

the crafty, paper lover in me likes for the outside of the present to be just as well put together and beautiful as the gift. super cute wrapping inspiration, right?
(via my holiday pinterest board)

so put on some 'bing crosby holiday' pandora music and get to wrapping my friends!

December 4, 2012

on my list.

dear santa,
i have been very good this year.
i need for nothing but want for a few little things.
any of these things would be super fun.
j. crew vest.

so basically anything with beautiful pictures, soft fabrics, artsy, or good smelling.
also notable... i love stripes and plaid, jewelry, pretty prints, and anything to do with juice or coffee
(aka a vitamix, juicer, or espresso machine).
i love surprises too!
what's on your list this year?

December 3, 2012

holiday gift guides.

gift giving is one of my absolute favorite things.
i love christmas shopping and our family has always been invested in giving personalized gifts.
i come from a family of incredibly thoughtful people that have taught me the value of giving all year, small or big, 
just to say thank you, i'm sorry, hello, thinking of you, or in celebration. 
a great deal of that comes from the closeness of our extended family (aka we know ever little, tiny detail about everyone) too close for comfort? sometimes.

in the spirit of giving, i have linked up a few of my favorite gift guides.
still wondering what to get your friends and family?
check them out.

as much as i love giving purchased gifts, i am also a sucker for making a portion of my gifts too.
check back later on this week for a few little handmade gifts that i'll be giving this year.
happy giving!