April 26, 2012

fatherly shout out.

my second shout out of the week goes to mr. bill palmer.
he's now over here at slo gardener.
(20 bucks says that his followers list blows up cause everyone wants a garden like bill's garden)
check it out- it's gonna be awesome, informative, and fun to follow.
plus i helped get it up and going so i feel a little invested in it.
woo go dad!

(palmers taking over the blogsphere- embarrassing or cool?)

April 24, 2012

home + wine + birthday + run.

the weekend in pictures.
home again.
avila beach farmers market.
wine + cheese picnic.
my fave- baileyanna.
 lover boy.
the girls + me. love.
my awkward solo picture. posted.
 my little marathon stud. 3 hours 40 minutes. 88th out of 700 plus.

there you have it.
three days of birthday fun.
and one proud girlfriend.
thanks family and friends!!!

April 23, 2012

my sister is a stud.

super fun birthday weekend to talk about tomorrow,
but for now check out my sisters new blog
she's on a research study abroad in moorea (an island close to tahiti).
mucho jealous of her incredible trip and location!
already swimming with sharks and rays.
i mean come on really?!

April 18, 2012

game time.

the nursing school grind has officially hit.
three plus weeks left in the first semester.
exams, check-offs, papers, presentations, assignments.
one week off then summer semester with clinicals.
 ready gooooo!

secret quiet spots and study sessions all on the beautiful lone mountain.
thank goodness for a beautiful campus and large coffees.

hope you're having a productive wednesday!
(p.s. my birthday is one week from today, just fyi:)

April 17, 2012


hands down, favorite veggie.
love them, do you?

here's my favorite simple way to eat them.
(dinner last night + some other goodies)
trim artichokes and steam upside-down in a double boiler for 40 minutes.
dip in your favorite sauce and enjoy.

fave dips...
melted butter + lemon pepper + finely chopped garlic.
sour cream + lemon juice + dill + s and p.
balsamic vinegar + olive oil.
red wine vinegar + olive oil + dijon mustard + s and p + honey + garlic.

dad just planted about 10 more artichoke plants.
oh yea baby.

April 16, 2012

happy monday.

bringing it back (for today at least)
happy monday friends!

tax day is officially tomorrow for mom (cpa)- hooray for margaritas and homemade chip celebrations.

this early birthday gift from aunt jane that i am officially obsessed with- been drooling over it for a while now.

i get to see my b this weekend when he runs the slo marathon and we have a birthday date- such a stud.

wine tasting and picnicking this weekend in the edna valley with some of my girl loves to celebrate a few birthdays.

i absolutely love nursing- school is hard but i can't wait for the day.

my fun little additions to 'find me elsewhere' on the right hand side of my blog- check 'em out.

birthday plans, lunch outings, and giants games in my near future.

today i will study, paint, cook, study, work out, and then study some more.
sounds good to me.

what are you doing today to make it a happy monday?

April 14, 2012

nautical love.

can't get enough of them stripes.
not that this is a new obsession of mine.
 (funny, i told you i will never be a fashion blogger here- oh well)  

i'm just saying if one of these items happened to make it into a box with wrapping paper and a bow on april 25th, i wouldn't hate it.

i'll be indulging on a latte to accompany my studying, a beer for giants opening day weekend, and a farmers market trip for some brussel sprouts this weekend.
hope you enjoy some sweet things this weekend too!

April 12, 2012

my portuguese plant.

meet my little galinha choca.
as its known in portuguese and
 a hen and chicks succulent in english.

she was born a little while ago but left her family (on my grandparents deck) and moved into another house (my pot) this last weekend. now she resides on my porch in san francisco.
jealous much?
notice the 'hen' sitting on her little 'chicks'.

if only i could get my hands on one of these little guys, then she would be happy, humidified, and toasty.
i may or may not have given this birthday hint to my little man friend that lives right next to ikea.

thanks vo (grandpa in portuguese) for my sweet plant!

April 11, 2012

me + him.

so i have a big, giant crush on this boy i've been dating of four and some years.
he's my best friend and my favorite ever.
got to spend a bunch of gushy, mushy time with him over my easter break
and it was absolutely the best.
gosh, i'm smitten.

a few moments from our little joemamas-morning walk-avila beach-coffee date.
i love you with all my heart brandon nicholas.
can't wait to see you in a few weeks!
and for the record- this was the best vanilla latte that i have ever had. ever.

April 5, 2012

birthday wishes.

a few birthday wishes.
holy moly, twenty-three.
what's so cool about twenty-three?
we'll see!

10. hugs and kisses from b  11. brunch with my girls 12. wine and cheese birthday dinner

there you have it.

April 4, 2012

these days.

it's all about studying.
with my baby diet coke and popcorn.
thats where you'll find this girl.
headed home for easter weekend tomorrow night.
and i get to see my b! hooray!

good luck studying, working, commuting, cooking, napping, whatever it may be!

April 1, 2012

no place i'd rather be.

sunday, happy sunday.
they are the greatest. 
since i'm still new to the city and making friends (like i'm in preschool again),
i have been doing things by myself to get out of the house and see the sights,
even if that includes taking myself out to lunch.
yes, yes i do that.
and i actually think is great.
don't get me wrong, some more san francisco friends would be great too,
but for now i am content with my mixture of group and solo outings.
today, i ventured to the fort mason area and the sunday morning farmers market in the marina.
i fell in love.
i think i'm a farmers market player.
love them all, spend time at all of them, and lust over a different one each day of the week.
as for the fort mason farmers market-
i'm crushing on their rotisserie chicken, ranunculus, and blood oranges.

hope you enjoy round two of iPhone pictures for this weekend.
have a happy and great sunday!