March 4, 2012

well dressed.

i am not and will never be a fashion blogger.
 trust me, you should take fashion advice from your dad before you take it from me because i am the girl that breaks every rule, wears the same things all year, and the one who has more 'comfy clothes' than 'real clothes'.
i partially blame that on the incredibly perfect and consistent san luis temperature that i grew up in that requires no change from season to season except maybe a thicker hoodie or light scarf from day to night or summer to fall.
despite my apathetic effort in dressing myself, i do love clothes and well dressed people.
being in san francisco with the constant up-to-date, cute dressers makes me want to try a little harder.
just a tiny little bit, especially with my minuscule grad school budget.

having moved to san francisco, i am all of a sudden drawn to sf bloggers.
not that i actually know them personally but i just love reading their stuff and being able to recognize places, shops, and neighborhoods.
found a few fashion and lifestyle inspiration blogs from around the area and i have been finding great pleasure in reading up on 'sf and bay area' stylish living.
don't worry, im sure the next time you see me i'll still be in my lululemon jacket and yoga pants.
i'm probably all talk in terms of changing my laissez faire approach to presenting myself in public.
but you never know, it wouldn't be a bad upgrade for me.

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