January 27, 2012


real world: sf is hipster.
seriously, everywhere.
and im gonna add to it by instagraming this normal, iPhone pic into a super artsy thang.
(drive home-yeaaaa)

week one of nursing school down.
did i mention, I LOVE SAN FRANCISCO.

January 25, 2012

day one.

fun fact: this is my school.
when i went to class...
 and when i left class...
(well actually that left corner building is the nursing school but all of it is "mine"i guess)
just had a royal tour of sf from a native and loved it.
seriously in love with this city.

January 23, 2012

welcome to the 415.

hello from san francisco!
i am officially moved in, setup, and ready to go.
who would have thought that little uptight, cautious, anal retentive emily would be living in downtown san francisco. the answer is no one ten years ago but times have changed and i could not be more excited to be living here! sf is incredible and i am already loving everything (well maybe not crutching up hill in the rain- but it's all good)! i have already visited a few lovely spots and can't wait until i am off of these crutches and able to run about the city.

class starts tomorrow at USF in the school of nursing department where i will be working on my masters in nursing- clinical nurse leader and registered nurse generalist degree (dang girl). super excited and mildly in denial of that whole school/studying thing at the moment. pretty sure the short paper and three reading assignments that are due tomorrow in my first class will change that around quickly...

well, more to come this week.
hope you staying out of the rain and having a great monday!

p.s. thanks mom and dad for everything!
p.s.s. if you're reading this and are not a follower, you should become one- it'll brighten my day.

January 20, 2012

link list.

super random, but here are a few blogs that i enjoy with my morning coffee. until i become slightly interesting again (after the move and school starts), here's a few for your enjoyment.

more on packing, the move to sf, and grad school soon- hooray!!!

January 18, 2012


guess who moves to san francisco this weekend?

guess who starts grad school next week?

guess who is freaking out?
san francisco here i come!
holy moly, so excited/ nervous/ anxious/ pumped about the move and school!
(and yes, i am tackling the hilly city on crutches and in a brace- keeping those corners up)

January 10, 2012


a little late but thought you should know about my little yosemite trip with the boy.
its become quite a little tradition for b and i to take a little trip around the holidays as a part of our christmas present to each other and in celebration of his birthday (the day after christmas).

two years ago we visited yosemite together and it was perfect.
covered in snow and complete with snowboarding and snow hikes.
this year we decided to visit yosemite again and it was perfect yet again.
not a drop of snow and low key due to my lovely leg brace and crutches.
we sipped hot chocolate at the ahwahnee,
hiked to glacier point,
enjoyed delicious fancy meals at tenaya lodge,
cruised the back roads,
and picnicked on the beautiful yosemite hills.
p.s. i've decided dating a physical therapist is the best thing in the world. and dating a pediatric pt is even better. i was taken care of like a princess. thanks b:)

January 2, 2012

the knee.

first i was in this.
 and it looked like this.
then they put me in this.
and now it looks like this.

were making some progress my friends. 
and we're gonna get used to it cause apparently this brace and i are gonna be friends for quite a few months. wahoo!

p.s. if you see me coming down the street, pad the sidewalk cause i'm a little special when it comes to crutches. it's a slow learning curve but someones gotta do it.