January 23, 2012

welcome to the 415.

hello from san francisco!
i am officially moved in, setup, and ready to go.
who would have thought that little uptight, cautious, anal retentive emily would be living in downtown san francisco. the answer is no one ten years ago but times have changed and i could not be more excited to be living here! sf is incredible and i am already loving everything (well maybe not crutching up hill in the rain- but it's all good)! i have already visited a few lovely spots and can't wait until i am off of these crutches and able to run about the city.

class starts tomorrow at USF in the school of nursing department where i will be working on my masters in nursing- clinical nurse leader and registered nurse generalist degree (dang girl). super excited and mildly in denial of that whole school/studying thing at the moment. pretty sure the short paper and three reading assignments that are due tomorrow in my first class will change that around quickly...

well, more to come this week.
hope you staying out of the rain and having a great monday!

p.s. thanks mom and dad for everything!
p.s.s. if you're reading this and are not a follower, you should become one- it'll brighten my day.

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