June 23, 2012

summer saturday.

although i am not able to ring in this summer weekend much
(due to that gigantic lovely nursing homework and studying list that is looking at me right now), 
some other fun bloggers sure are inspiring my summer tastebuds.

when i get a free moment, you know what i'll be making now...
(i think i might go for peach + mint?)

yum, right?
hope you get to enjoys your summer weekend!
have a drink, eat outside, and soak up the sun for me too!

June 21, 2012

last one.

seriously sitting here laughing out lot by myself.
dead on.
could be my life.

doubt you'll think it's funny but whatevers.
have a great friday!

June 7, 2012

it's funny.

read this. its hilarious. 

have a great thrusday!
almost slobound and you know what that means... partyyy.
the very last party EVER in walnut.

June 6, 2012

a look at clinic.

sorry, i've been so MIA but here is just a little look at my clinic experience over the past two weeks.

san francisco general hospital
3% patients with private insurance
60% patients with medical/medicaid
safety net hospital with 'no turn away' policy regardless of ability to pay
UCSF resident and physician oversight
baby friendly including promotion of breast feeding
level one trauma center and emergency center for the peninsula and city
full OR surgical team and obstetrics rapid response on staff at all times
onsite county jail will full incarceration protection
largest inpatient psych/mental health facility in the bay
number one admission- schizophrenia, number two admission- pregnancy
inpatient skilled nursing facility that acts as a home for the ill homeless population
numerous outpatient clinics including urgent care, women's health, dialysis, neuro, ortho, optho, GI, wound care, chemo, anticoag, dental, to name a few

dual unit that I am currently working in:
4M- ophthamology and neurology unit
clinics rotating through general ophthalmology, optometry, pediatric ophthamology, glaucoma, retinal disease, plastics, neuroscience, traumatic brain injury, general neurology, ENT, and audiology depending on the day of the week and that morning/afternoon shift

I am on the eye side of the unit now and will rotate to the neuro side in a few weeks:
hours of operation- 7:30-5 (or whenever the last patient is seen)
average patient wait time- 1.5-5 hours (busiest clinic at the hospital)
number of residents/physicians- 2-5
screening rooms- 2
medical assistants- 4-6
front desk- 3
nurses- 1
patient rooms- 7
diagnostic/laser/procedure rooms- 2
average number of people in the waiting room/spill over to the hall- 40
patient population- homeless, uninsured, incarcerated, psych, routine, pre/post-op, trauma referral

notable patients:
fully progressed AIDS
domestic abuse
head trauma from fights
screwdriver impalement
complication with brain cancer and tumors
facial cancer skin grafting of the face
pipe to the face from street fight
screening for the first post-op and determining they can't see

there you have it. back to homework, nursing care plans, and dinner before I pass out. 
so exhausted, so cool, so interesting.
gives whole new meaning to treating the patient, not the disease process.
hope to check back in soon!

p.s. the patients are the nicest. yesterday i received a hundred thank you's and a few candies.