September 27, 2011

true life.

i live in los angeles.
started working this week on the tippy-top of that brown high-rise behind the middle palm tree.
never thought i would say that.
 also, i started my emt program yesterday and i am already knee deep (but loving it).
slowly becoming a ucla nerd, yea that's right.

days have been flying by in this crazy town.
super ready for bed but having a great time.
goodnight friends!

September 25, 2011

olvera st.

appropriately, i began my LA adventures with a sunday trip to olvera st.
and i'm sure that it will not be my last trip there.
it was awesome (and sooo delicious)!

took the roommates and we...
toured the first recorded house in los angeles (the 'avila adobe') and union station
shopped the street faire
perused the beautiful imported clothes
and ate the most amazing authentic tacos, burritos, taquitos, horchata, and jamaica.

honestly, incredible food and the live mariachis were super fun.
plus, i got to tacos to go. be jealous.
makes me want to brush up on my spanish and go back to south america...

until then adios amigos!

September 23, 2011


happy autumnal equinox!

my favorite season is officially here!
i love all things fall and i am pretty excited for a fall in la.
our cozy little 1930's apartment is perfect for reading, baking, relaxing, and small gatherings.
some inspiration for the season?
i think yes.

grab a latte,
bake some pumpkin bread,
throw on a scarf and boots,
brew some mulling spices,
and enjoy the crisp day!

happy fall you little followers!

September 22, 2011

i dig it.

my new home away from home.
le pain quotidien.

coffee house meets fresh bakery,
creating the cutest french tartine heaven of a cafe.
all with great ambiance and a communal table!
you know i love it.

good food,
good drink,
good music,
good day.

have a great thursday!
(fall starts tomorrow- yeee)

September 21, 2011

mini garden.

mostly settled into la and thanks to dad's expert plant advice and garden supply, 
i planted a little porch garden today to make it feel a little more like home!
a variety of potted herbs.
basil, rosemary, thyme, oregano, parsley, and mint.
lots of good cooking to be done and a few mojitos to be made.
and two varieties of my favorite micro greens in their very own dome planters!
a spicy mix and a mild mix.
perfect for salads and sandwiches.

these will accompany the overflowing rubbermaid tub of veggies from the garden that mom and dad brought last weekend. as fresh as it gets. mmm good!

September 17, 2011

the boy.

hanging with the boy.
i think he's pretty cool.
loving this weekend.

just thought you should know.

September 15, 2011

urban girl.

slowly learning the ins and outs of the big city.

traffic (15 miles is approximately 40 minutes, on a good day),
celebrities (slightly star struck as i shopped with kelly osborne and lo from 'the hills'),
multiway crosswalks (they are so cool, admit it),
walking (pretty much have to put a down payment on a 3 hour parking spot),
multicultural (feeling ignorant and wishing i spoke a different language),
white coats, suits, and skyscrapers (why do i think stethoscopes are so incredibly cool?),
fancy cars (absolutely swear that 'bumblebee' from transformers was in front of me),
fashion (holy moly these people are dressed to the nines),
true ethnic food ('oh my gosh thai food'),
whole foods (enough said),
shopping (can you say champaign appetite, beer wage?),
anything and everything you could imagine,
pretty much.

one big shock for a small town country girl.
but im loving it!

September 13, 2011


hello from los angeles!

i'm slowly settling into la living with my seeester and new roommates.

minor delay in posts as we do not yet have internet in the new apartment. sorry about it:)

great date day today with the one and only el paulo loco. can't wait for more adventures.

more great la adventures to come!

September 6, 2011


hi. my name is emily.
it's been an hour since my last pin.
and i am a pinterest addict.

it true, i'm addicted.
it's getting a little out of hand.
but i have a few inspiration turned reality projects to post soon.
make it any better? nah, i didn't think so.
goodnight friends:)
(p.s. follow me and i'll follow you)

that's a rap.

finished up our last summer backyard dinner tonight.
might i add that it was delicious.

thanks for growing it all dad.
thanks for cooking it all mom.
thanks for enjoying it all friends and family.
thanks for the beautiful summer evenings slo.

goodbye summer.
hello fall.

September 1, 2011


september 1st is the beginning of a big new start for me.

today i...
1. move out of my townhouse that i have called home for the past two years with my roomies.
2. officially lock-in/final deadline/am under review for my first grad application. yikes.
3. begin the countdown of the (non-double digit) number of days until the move to la. which mean living in a new town for the first time (besides study abroad).
4. for the first time start a part-time(!) education this month. unlike any other september for the past 22 years.
5. move away from family and begin a closer-long-distance relationship with my bff/bf (crazy and feeling old). hooray.

and im pumped.
happy september peps!