September 15, 2011

urban girl.

slowly learning the ins and outs of the big city.

traffic (15 miles is approximately 40 minutes, on a good day),
celebrities (slightly star struck as i shopped with kelly osborne and lo from 'the hills'),
multiway crosswalks (they are so cool, admit it),
walking (pretty much have to put a down payment on a 3 hour parking spot),
multicultural (feeling ignorant and wishing i spoke a different language),
white coats, suits, and skyscrapers (why do i think stethoscopes are so incredibly cool?),
fancy cars (absolutely swear that 'bumblebee' from transformers was in front of me),
fashion (holy moly these people are dressed to the nines),
true ethnic food ('oh my gosh thai food'),
whole foods (enough said),
shopping (can you say champaign appetite, beer wage?),
anything and everything you could imagine,
pretty much.

one big shock for a small town country girl.
but im loving it!

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