October 20, 2010

i run to be.

i successfully completely the Nike Womens Half Marathon! wooo!

alright so i ran about 5 miles and walked about 8 miles of it. i didnt train really and i had a double ear infection, so im happy with my results:) and i got my pretty tiffany's necklace from a sf fireman!

inspired to actually train and run one... maybe the disneyland half marathon in august 2011? sounds fun!


today money brought me happiness...
in the form of a medium iced nonfat vanilla latte from black horse

its was a lifesaver, let me tell you.
honestly, doesn't coffee make the world go round? (starting to sound like an addict, maybe?)

(best picture ever brought to you by google. thanks googs!)

October 13, 2010

mo' beta

today my sweet boyfriend brought me a bottle of mo' beta to make me feel better.

i arrived home from a long, sick, overwhelming day to bunches of yummy homemade snacks. thanks b!

im sure ill feel mo' beta asap:)

October 11, 2010

i love fall.

its officially FALL... despite the crazy changes of hot-warm-rainy-cold weather. and I LOVE FALL! besides 'the most wonderful time of the year', fall is definitely my favorite.
stealing away a few minutes from microbiology studying to blog... huge week of midterms with the added plus of an annoying little cold. nothing that a little coffee/tea/fall soup cant fix:)

a little assortment of all thing fall that i am loving!
roasted red pepper and white bean soup from a new find (i love this blog!) so many great recipes on the blog but im going to have to start with this one especially because dad/mom brought by the last of the summer sweet and bell peppers (and eggplant-WOO).
how about the soup with a big slab of this deliciousness that i have waiting in my cabinet! a favorite TJ's find that pops out in stores in the fall.
who can forget the return of the pumpkin spice latte!?!?
drooling over/wishing i had one of these at the apt... maybe ill have to steal it from home. you know how much i love to cuddle up with blankets with tea/coffee/hot cocoa during the fall/winter.

as for these two lovely fall scarfs... i think i may need to add an "eternity" scarf to my fall wardrobe (you know the kind thats like a circle that just wraps a few times)!
and recently ive had a little annoying cold and have turned to my favorite tea brand... this time for a honey vanilla for the throat.

OHH! and did i mention we have pumpkins waiting to be carved after the crazyness of midterms round one. i smell TOASTED PUMPKIN SEEDS in my future!!!

just a few reasons to be happy about the fall season. more to come!

October 4, 2010

dr. weipert in the making

guess who got their first call for an interview for grad school today... thats right! brandon- that amazing, handsome, smart, supportive, hardworking best friend of mine!!! asuza pacific physical therapy program! pediatrics! his favorite school!

i couldn't be a more proud girlfriend:) i always knew this day would come and can't wait until the official day of "dr. weipert, dpt"!

good luck and congrats b! we all know you don't need the luck but well send it anyways and i truly believe that apu would be a better place for having such an amazing person in their program:)