October 11, 2010

i love fall.

its officially FALL... despite the crazy changes of hot-warm-rainy-cold weather. and I LOVE FALL! besides 'the most wonderful time of the year', fall is definitely my favorite.
stealing away a few minutes from microbiology studying to blog... huge week of midterms with the added plus of an annoying little cold. nothing that a little coffee/tea/fall soup cant fix:)

a little assortment of all thing fall that i am loving!
roasted red pepper and white bean soup from a new find (i love this blog!) so many great recipes on the blog but im going to have to start with this one especially because dad/mom brought by the last of the summer sweet and bell peppers (and eggplant-WOO).
how about the soup with a big slab of this deliciousness that i have waiting in my cabinet! a favorite TJ's find that pops out in stores in the fall.
who can forget the return of the pumpkin spice latte!?!?
drooling over/wishing i had one of these at the apt... maybe ill have to steal it from home. you know how much i love to cuddle up with blankets with tea/coffee/hot cocoa during the fall/winter.

as for these two lovely fall scarfs... i think i may need to add an "eternity" scarf to my fall wardrobe (you know the kind thats like a circle that just wraps a few times)!
and recently ive had a little annoying cold and have turned to my favorite tea brand... this time for a honey vanilla for the throat.

OHH! and did i mention we have pumpkins waiting to be carved after the crazyness of midterms round one. i smell TOASTED PUMPKIN SEEDS in my future!!!

just a few reasons to be happy about the fall season. more to come!

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