October 31, 2012

a giant affair.

so, it goes something like this.
 the world's four best friends.
san francisco.
giants world series.
nachos, buckets of beer, wings, and pizza.
giants shirt adventures.
new texas friends.
some besties and family-to-be.
laughs, cheers, and dancing. 
game over (literally).

i love you all so much!
cheers to a fabulous weekend!

October 24, 2012

mornings like this.

crisp stroll to grab a latte.
etta james pandora.
tall, warm socks.
scrambled eggs, sliced avocado, and wheat toast.
relaxing blogroll read through.
nursing papers, presentations, and studies.
finding new sources of inspiration.
colorful to-do lists.
(via my pinterest)
just a mere wednesday morning.
but a good, cozy one at home,
just for me.

October 22, 2012

this guy.

i am quite positive that there is nothing more sweet then this little face.
found this little gem a few weeks ago at b's house and i am quite obsessed.
puts a smile on my face every time i look at it.
add about 20 years and this sweet face still kills me.
i miss you and love you lots b!

thanksgiving break come faster...
pretty please!

October 20, 2012


i highly recommend finding the closest independent theater near you and heading out to see this film.
'the waiting room'
it's the story of the 'highland hospital' emergency room in oakland, california that serves a unique uninsured population.
trauma, routine care, surgery, everything comes through the emergency room doors at this hospital.
it's just plain great!

this hospital very much mirrors my experience currently serving the population at 'san francisco general hospital.'
fascinating patients, incredible stories, jaw dropping histories, and daily battles. 

gets me so pumped up to be a nurse for the rest of my life.

p.s. it will be out on netflix in the coming months!

October 2, 2012


finding extraordinary in the ordinary.
thats what i've been trying to do for the last little while.
my life is pretty awesome, do you know that.
pretty, darn blessed i'd say.
here is my little list of those things that bring me extra happiness.

vanilla lattes.
magazine reading by a pool.
outdoor lunch dates with friends.
diet coke in the afternoon.
backyard bbq and wine nights.
snuggling with b.
bagels and cream cheese.
anytime with my girls.
new socks.
days at the hospital helping strangers get better.
small dinner gatherings.
homemade breakfast with my family on weekend mornings.
lavender, tea, candles, and calm music when i go to bed.
weekly quotes and verses with my b.
watercolor painting.
fresh flowers.
spontaneous nights of pure fun with my girls.

"Do ordinary things with extraordinary love." 
-Mother Teresa