June 20, 2010

happy dads day!

happy dads day to the best dad in the world!
daddys girl all the wayyyyy! always will be:)
i love you so much!
oh and by the way, fathers day was the best excuse to make carrot cake (a bill palmer favorite)!
ohhh baby girl!!!

June 19, 2010

junie b.

hello june, you sure have come and gone by so fast. what have you been up to this month?

well, funny you should ask. its been quite a busy month. a little of this a little of that and a lot of fun! heres a few things that have excited me or consumed my time this month...

::: spring quarter completion: i successfully tore up the dance floor on the weekends downtown, became a poolside tanner, drank equal amounts of coffee, long island, and water (dont worry im still responsible:), and received an A- in neuroanatomy... 3.8gpa woohoooo!

::: babysitting: chapters of junie b. jones, diaper changes, swim lessons, every type of craft, pb and j's, and picnic lunches by the creek have defined my summer thus far. ive been getting all of the child care hours in that i can before i head off to argentina. gotta love under the table cash when you're a college student looking to make some bank before you head out of the country to spend it all!

:::new obsessions: 1) i realize that im about ten years behind the world but i have a new found passion... sudoku! its going to be my best friend on my double digit bus rides around argentina. 2) another little pleasure- taking a day trip down south to azusa pacific university with brandon to check out their DPT (physical therapy) program. it was fabulous and were praying he gets accepted! 3) lastly, i made a trip to the avila valley barn to get some "u-pick" peaches that were consumed within two days. gonna need more. oh how i love u-pick! (p.s. on the plan for this week in the kitchen- homemade cheese and olallieberry jam)

::: gardening: the other day i got to spend the day weeding, planing, and watering. growing up this was a weekend norm but since my little years i haven't done much, beside eat the fruits and veggies. i loved gardening! it was so great to bring back the mud between my toes and i cant wait to eat the things that i planted now! beside that, the greenhouse is close to completion and i will have to update you more on that because it is b-e-a-utiful! as for now, i am looking forward to butter lettuce, sweet peppers, cilantro, italian basil, and eggplant!

::: packing, planning, and preparing for ARGENTINA!!! two weeks from today i arrive!!!

(much more to come in the following weeks i promise! argentina updates as i travel!)

June 2, 2010

october 17th

sorry about being MIA for a week or so!
just thought id update you on the newest of things...
nike women's half marathon.
san francisco.
october 17th.
13.1 miles.
run, run, run!!!
my roomie abby and i (the sane roommates) will be running the half marathon and my roomies rachel and mia will be running the full marathon (kookoo). well see how this goes, seeing that im the only one that has not run a marathon or half marathon. kill me.
ill keep you posted on the training!

p.s. cute boys hand out tiffany and co. necklaces at the finish line! ahhhh!