March 31, 2012


this little gimp went for a three mile walk today.
you should be proud of me.
i am absolutely in love with this city.

March 28, 2012

the cheese plate.

the perfect cheese plate.
such a blog worthy subject. i could give up a lot of things in life, but cheese will never be one of them.
i have a huge obsession with wine and cheese, fruit and cheese, grains and cheese,
veggies and cheese, you get the point.
having a good amount of time at home, lots of studying, and time to make great food have lead me to whip up some great little cheese plates whenever possible.
little of this, some of that, and a few blocks of cheese.
a few of my favorite combos.
apple + aged cheddar.
dried apricots + gruyere
pecans + honey goat
avocado + herbed formage blanc
fig jam + brie
roasted red peppers + burrata
carmelized onion + stilton

i love cheese so much that i think my birthday dinner should be a gigantic cheese and wine party.
yep, thats gonna happen.
oh my gosh. im hungry now. 

March 27, 2012

study break.

pinteresting as a study break and finding some awesome crafts and projects.
gonna gather up some supplies from my craft cabinet (that i left at home- what a shame) next weekend when im in slo for easter and bring them back to sf to do for some study breaks.
already excited.
jewelry holder.
paper crafts.
succulent, bulb, and herb planting.
wall decor.

just to gather a few together for your enjoyment.
more ideas found on my pinterest.
check it out- and check me out on 'find me elsewhere' on the right side of my blog.
im such a little social media wanna-be.

have a great tuesday! happy pinteresting!

March 26, 2012


since i was on a nursing blog binge today, here is one more for you.
my fave. honestly can't wait.
so cool.

yep, it's monday.

alright, nurse jokes.
i think they're hilarious and so will you (hopefully).
and my favorite nursing story thus far.
you go nicu nurse.
Heidi and Paul Jackson's twin girls, Brielle and Kyrie, were born October 17, 1995, 12 weeks ahead of their due date. Standard hospital practice is to place preemie twins in separate incubators to reduce the risk of infection. that was done for the Jackson girls in the neonatal intensive care unit at The Medical Center of Central Massachusetts in Worcester.
Kyrie, the larger sister at two pounds, three ounces, quickly began gaining weight and calmly sleeping her newborn days away. But Brielle, who weighed only two pounds at birth, couldn't keep up with her. She had breathing and heart-rate problems. The oxygen level in her blood was low, and her weight gain was slow.
Suddenly, on November 12, Brielle went into critical condition. She began gasping for breath, and her face and stick-thin arms and legs turned bluish-gray. Her heart rate was way up, and she got hiccups, a dangerous sign that her body was under stress. Her parents watched, terrified that she might die.
Nurse Gayle Kasparian tried everything she could think of to stabilize Brielle. She suctioned her breathing passages and turned up the oxygen flow to the incubator. Still Brielle squirmed and fussed as her oxygen intake plummeted and her heart rate soared.
Then Kasparian remembered something she had heard from a colleague. It was a procedure, common in parts of Europe but almost unheard of in this country, that called for double-bedding multiple-birth babies, especially preemies.
Kasparian's nurse manager, Susan Fitzback, was away at a conference, and the arrangement was unorthodox. But Kasparian decided to take the risk.
"Let me just try putting Brielle in with her sister to see if that helps," she said to the alarmed parents. "I don't know what else to do."
The Jacksons quickly gave the go-ahead, and Kasparian slipped the squirming baby into the incubator holding the sister she hadn't seen since birth. Then Kasparian and the Jacksons watched.
No sooner had the door of the incubator closed then Brielle snuggled up to Kyrie and threw her are around her - and she calmed right down. Within minutes Brielle's blood-oxygen readings were the best they had been since she was born. As she dozed, Kyrie wrapped her tiny arm around her smaller sibling.

Today a handful of institutions around the country are adopting double-bedding, which seems to reduce the number of hospital days. The practice is growing quickly, even though the first scientific studies on it didn't begin until this past January.
By coincidence, the conference Fitzback was attending included a presentation on double-bedding. This is something I want to see happen at The Medical Center,she thought. But it might be hard making the change...

here's to a week full of nursing homework, tests, practicals, and studying.
happy monday friends!

March 25, 2012


today is march 25th.
and you know what that means?
i officially have permission to talk about my birthday,
because it is exactly one month before april 25th.
(family rule #4: you can only talk about your birthday one month before it occurs.
someone (me) forced the family to make this rule at an early age because of over-zealousness)
if you don't know me well, i love my birthday.
always have and probably always will.

happy almost 23rd (ouch) birthday to me!

March 22, 2012

there's something.

there's something about drinking hot coffee on a rainy morning that i just absolutely love.
{via my pinterest}
nothing quite hits the spot like a cozy breakfast and a cup of jo near a rainy window.
hello exam study guide, you are a slightly unwelcome addition to my lovely rainy morning.
soon enough it'll be the weekend- and i think i may have a few of my favorite visitors here to soak up san francisco's cafe, night-life, and shopping glory.

oh yes. can't wait.

March 21, 2012


i almost forgot to mention.
happy day after the first day of spring!

i love spring for several reasons.
garden goodies start to pop-up.
brunches and prosecco.
my april birthday.
fresh flowers.
yummy easter quiches.
yellows, oranges, and greens are everywhere.
crisp morning walks.
summer plans.
sandals, sweaters, and shorts.
to name a few.
hope you had a happy second day of spring!

March 20, 2012

spring break.

spring break according to my iPhone.
slooooo, from the end of my street. ugly, huh? 
got to steal away some goodies from dads garden and started him a blog.
check it out. its gonna be awesome.
first ever walnut slumber party complete with story time.
i'd say it was almost like adult christmas eve...
because this 6am green beer, irish party arrived. i love st. patties day in slo.
 you can be embarrassed for me. i am already embarrassed for me.
phone picture emily, really?
gotta love a new haircut tho.
 got out of my chunky monkey brace and received a good report from the doctor.
hello new littler brace and normal walking. yeehaw.
 visited these little hot messes. sister and past roomie emily.
love them.
got to spend time in la and on st. patties with my favorite little leprechaun.
you're too great b.

other lovely events aswell. maybe i should learn to bring my actual camera and take actual pictures of my life. someday!

on top of all of this goodness.
i literally had the perfect week of eating.
and if you know me, i would mention that because i love food and slo cafes.
gus's, black horse, big sky, moms cooking, wine and cheese night, homemade dinners with b, late night tb runs, firestone tritip, you name it.

good think i got the 'a-o-kay' to finally swim and ride the stationary bike.
happy tuesday y'all!

March 9, 2012

fave find: artist & craftsman supply

right around the corner from me is this crazy cool art supply store.
it's deceivingly huge and the people that work there are the nicest.
everything from cheap little beads and children's weaving looms
to beautiful easel and and paint sets.
mostly excited for all of the beautiful papers, organization and storage supplies (that i can pass off as 'needed' for school), and colored pen collections.
been searching around for art inspiration and have narrowed it down to a few.
hopefully some artsing and crafting after spring break!

happy friday- its spring break!!!

March 8, 2012


please watch this.
it's incredible and way worth your 30 minutes.
now let'g go do something about it.

March 7, 2012


wednesdays are for studying.
i usually have three exams on thursdays
and practical exams on fridays.
therefore, since i have no class on wednesdays,
i use it as an excuse to study in 'fun places' other than the apt.
today i decided union street would be a good place
and the sunny, happy street cafe was just great 
with my pathophysiology and health assessment flashacards. 

hope your wednesday is treating you well!
a bright and sunny 'hello' from sf!

March 6, 2012

rough life.

oh just lunch time. enjoying my sando. no big deal.
only 3 tests and 38 drug cards between me and slo.
spring break baby.

March 5, 2012

hip, hip.


i am officially off of crutches.
no amount of capitalization or exclamation points can accurately portray my excitement.
oh, my, gosh.
so incredibly happy and free!

ten weeks later from a lame little fall.
now i will go out and really conquer the san francisco hills.

happy monday {night} to you friends!

March 4, 2012

well dressed.

i am not and will never be a fashion blogger.
 trust me, you should take fashion advice from your dad before you take it from me because i am the girl that breaks every rule, wears the same things all year, and the one who has more 'comfy clothes' than 'real clothes'.
i partially blame that on the incredibly perfect and consistent san luis temperature that i grew up in that requires no change from season to season except maybe a thicker hoodie or light scarf from day to night or summer to fall.
despite my apathetic effort in dressing myself, i do love clothes and well dressed people.
being in san francisco with the constant up-to-date, cute dressers makes me want to try a little harder.
just a tiny little bit, especially with my minuscule grad school budget.

having moved to san francisco, i am all of a sudden drawn to sf bloggers.
not that i actually know them personally but i just love reading their stuff and being able to recognize places, shops, and neighborhoods.
found a few fashion and lifestyle inspiration blogs from around the area and i have been finding great pleasure in reading up on 'sf and bay area' stylish living.
don't worry, im sure the next time you see me i'll still be in my lululemon jacket and yoga pants.
i'm probably all talk in terms of changing my laissez faire approach to presenting myself in public.
but you never know, it wouldn't be a bad upgrade for me.

March 2, 2012

city girl wish list.

for the most part, i love the weather here in san francisco.
chilly and overcast some days,
crisp and sunny others,
and always scarf worthy.

i'm a lover of fall weather and a fan of all things layered.
recently i've been 'indulging' via window shopping and online browsing for a few
possible add-ons to my slightly warmer, san luis obispo closet.

here are a few of my wishes.
saving up.
hope you enjoy some indulgences- happy friday!