March 20, 2012

spring break.

spring break according to my iPhone.
slooooo, from the end of my street. ugly, huh? 
got to steal away some goodies from dads garden and started him a blog.
check it out. its gonna be awesome.
first ever walnut slumber party complete with story time.
i'd say it was almost like adult christmas eve...
because this 6am green beer, irish party arrived. i love st. patties day in slo.
 you can be embarrassed for me. i am already embarrassed for me.
phone picture emily, really?
gotta love a new haircut tho.
 got out of my chunky monkey brace and received a good report from the doctor.
hello new littler brace and normal walking. yeehaw.
 visited these little hot messes. sister and past roomie emily.
love them.
got to spend time in la and on st. patties with my favorite little leprechaun.
you're too great b.

other lovely events aswell. maybe i should learn to bring my actual camera and take actual pictures of my life. someday!

on top of all of this goodness.
i literally had the perfect week of eating.
and if you know me, i would mention that because i love food and slo cafes.
gus's, black horse, big sky, moms cooking, wine and cheese night, homemade dinners with b, late night tb runs, firestone tritip, you name it.

good think i got the 'a-o-kay' to finally swim and ride the stationary bike.
happy tuesday y'all!

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