April 5, 2011

hello birthday.

so for all who don't know me...
i love my birthday.
it has become some what of a joke within my extended family and i make sure to let EVERYONE know just when the big day is, usually in a countdown manner.
this year i will be 22. i feel like thats an 'old age'. like i have to officially grow up now. blah.
since i have this lovely blog, i figure... why not put up a birthday list on here. right?
here are a few ideas:
(not that i need any of these things- purely WANT not NEED)

'hot tools' curling iron
'keen' water sandals
anything 'lululemon'- especially the 'instride jacket'
coffee cards for my 'minor' addiction
'skaggen' watch
'mizuno' running shoes
iphone4 armband case
running tights
'longchamps' bag
'steve madden' boots
'around the world' ticket/ ticket to europe/ ticket to south america/ ticket to new zealand/ ticket to anywhere in the world where i could go on an adventure

like i said... purely want.
i don't think there's a thing in this world that i need right now.
ive got more than i deserve.
but its always fun to dream big. yea?

happy 20 days until my birthday;)
have a great day!!!

April 4, 2011

happy monday.

its been a great start to spring quarter especially because of the great weather and extra day off last week- thank you cesar chavez!

but on another note, ive been uninspired, blah, and grumpy recently. trying to turn that around asap cause that is no fun for me and those around. but do you every have a little time like that? i think i need some emily time in the near future.

however here are some things making my monday happy.

1. a tall glass of nesquick. it always brightens my day!
2. fun games/activity classes (flag football and fitness)- yes i get credit for taking them. woo!
3. fajita night with just the four of us roomies. so nice to have a little time with just my girls. and the great weather was awesome to top it off allowing us to eat out on our fancy porch. just perfect!
4. brandon will be here thursdayyy. and hes doing great on finals. wahoo!
5. sourdough bread. a loaf appeared at our house and im 'making mama proud' eating those pieces of heaven. its the small things right?
6. girls brunch at my casa this weekend. more to come on that but i am excited!

have a great night and keep those "corners up" :)