March 31, 2010

week completiONE

week one is complete! well except for maybe a little dessert tonight... this week has been great and im really happy with how i feel and the changes in daily life that this raw food diet creates. its great to not have to count calories or fat, stick to one slice of this or that, or be tempted by that hunk of french bread sitting at eye level in my cabinet. i love that all of my food yummy and there is no tempting when all of your food is healthy and raw! ive been messing around at "new frontiers natural foods market" and getting quite aquatinted with veggie mixtures and cold-pressed dressing concoctions. my average day goes something like this...

upon waking: my version of "green lemonade" made out of TJ green juice (spirulina, kale, spinach, wheatgrass blend), gravenstien raw apple juice, lemon juice, and a bit of raw honey. i don't have a juicer so this is the best way for me to get the nutrients from the detox

breakfast: 20 oz. fruit smoothie- usually acai blueberry or orange juice, mixed frozen berries, pineapple or mango, honey, and pomegranate seeds

snack: fruit, fruit juice, or fruit iced tea

lunch: large veggie salad with raisins, seeds, and gold elixir or honey mustard dressing

snack: dried unsulfured fruit, homemade breakfast bars, larabar, or seeds

dinner: varieties of baked or roasted veggies, raw salad or cut veggies, and sprouted grain tortilla or bread

dessert: almond butter and apple or larabar

now this is just a little bit of an oversimplification but overall its been pretty close. im surprised at how little i have been craving foods that i "cannot" have (except like i said before i am missing cheese, sandwiches, and foofy coffees). so im a pretty, darn happy girl!

March 30, 2010

heavenly breakfast bar

im back in the swing of school and approaching the conclusion of my first week on the raw food diet. woohoo! its been delicious and i feel great so far. although i will admit that i am missing cheese and vanilla lattes quite a bit... beside that i am feeling really good about the switch over and have transitioned quite well over to "the raw side".

anywhooo, the roommates were gone this afternoon, i had no pressing homework, and therefore what must i do? cook, thats right! so i made a delicious spinach, onion, and sweet pepper crustless quiche for dinner and these breakfast bars.
i highly suggest them. heres the recipe for "breakfast bars" from! (i think i might use this website more because they have a bunch of great vegetarian, vegan, and dairy free recipes- check it out)

Date Mixture:
1/2 cup diced dried dates
1/2 cup water

Flax Mixture: 5 teaspoons ground flaxseed
1/2 cup water

Dry Ingredients:
2/3 cup rolled oats
1/3 cup ground amaranth**
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
1/3 cup chopped raw almonds
1/3 cup raw sunflower seeds**
1/3 cup diced dried apricots 2/3 cup raisins

Lightly coat a 9"x9" baking pan with oil or cooking spray.

Prepare Date Mixture: Add 1/2 cup water and diced dates to a small saucepan. Bring to a gentle simmer and cook about 5 minutes, stirring occasionally, until dates are soft. (Mixture will be thick.) Allow to cool.

Prepare Flax Mixture: Combine 1/2 cup water and the ground flax. Set aside for five minutes to thicken. Mix all dry ingredients together in a mixing bowl. Add flax mixture to date puree, stir well, and pour into dry ingredients. Mix to combine. Press mixture into baking pan. Bake at 350 F for approximately 20 minutes. Allow to cool completely before cutting into bars. You can eat them right after they cool but they taste even better after sitting at least one hour.

**i didnt have amaranth or sunflower seeds but the raw food diet suggests that you eat coconut so i though id add some shredded coconut in there too for a little crunch.

i wrapped them up individually and im excited to have something substantial to bite into for an afternoon snack!

March 25, 2010

rested, replenished, and RAWring to go.

i mentioned it a few weeks ago, but recently i have been reading up on different detoxes and i found one that i am in love with. so today is the start to my raw food lifestyle change. after watching “food inc.” and reading natalia rose’s “the raw food detox diet” book over this spring break im on my way to veganism…. not really, but close (i have a love affair with cheese- really though). basically it comes down to this: i want to lose weight, i need to eat more veggies, and im pretty grossed out now by food “standards” and chemicals today. hence- emily is doing a raw food cleanse! (well 85% raw to begin with and increasing up to 98%)… im nervous.

my day will consist of juiced “green lemonade” (a juice blend of celery, kale, lemon, apple, and honey/ginger) upon waking, breakfast, lunch and snacks of 100% raw foods. this “raw until dinner” will be followed by dinner consisting primarily of raw foods with some cooked items aswell.

foods on the cleanse include (fyi this is not a comprehensive list):
raw vegetables*
raw fruit
raw unslated nuts and seeds
unsulfured dried fruit
almond butter
raw maple syrup and honey
almond milk
legumes and black beans
brown and wild rice
grilled fish
raw goat or sheep cheese
coconut milk and flesh
limited poultry
cold-pressed oils
*primarily raw, uncooked green veggies; with limited amounts of starch veggies, e.g. potatoes, butternut squash, and pumpkin)

now lets be honest. im a newbie and im going to mess up but my plan is to keep you informed with great recipes and hopefully youll see some great progress along with me! I will be strictly sticking to this for exactly one month (then cheating a bit on my 21st birthday-woops, don’t guilt trip me, my body will do that for me the day after) then returning quickly after. im super excited now that i have read about it a bunch and im ready for some healthy eating!

have you ever gone raw? cleansed? dieted and failed and then dieted and failed again? (me too!)

March 23, 2010

oh baby girl

carrot oatmeal muffins. bomb. dense, oatty, moist. try them with some cream cheese on top. delicious.

heres the recipe from
1 1/3 c. all purpose flour***
1 tbsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. baking soda
1/2 c. firmly packed brown sugar
1 c. uncooked oats
1 tsp. ground cinnamon
3/4 c. shredded carrots (about 2)
1/2 c. skim milk
2 slightly beaten egg whites
1/3 c. melted butter (5 1/3 tbsp.)***
1 tsp. vanilla

heat oven to 375 degrees. spray 12 medium muffin cups with no-stick cooking spray or line with paper baking cups. combine first 8 ingredients; mix well. add combined milk, egg whites, butter, and vanilla, mixing just until moistened. fill prepared cups 3/4 full. bake 25-30 minutes or until golden brown. Serve warm. Makes 1 1/2 dozen.

*** i substituted whole wheat flour for all purpose flour and used applesauce instead of butter. healthy yeah!

p.s. my sister hannah got her wisdom teeth out this morning so i am home bound waiting on her hand-and-foot... even though she told me i had two heads and asked for a bell to "ring me" when she needs something (ill let it pass she was still quite loopy and out of it) point and case today is a cooking, relaxing, crafting, planning day for me... woohoo!

March 22, 2010

THE bucket list.

hello again! as promised, here is my bucket list as of now. 60 items, some down, many to go. i will add and cross out as i go. most importantly i will document my accomplishments as i go!
  1. climb mtn. kilimanjaro
  2. take part in a protest in washington, dc
  3. visit auschwitz concentration camp
  4. live for a month on a dollar a day
  5. go on a rv road trip across America and see the national parks
  6. plant my own vegetable, herb, and flower garden
  7. walk across ireland
  8. participate in a triathlon- june 2008
  9. deliver a baby
  10. get my scuba license
  11. marry my soulmate
  12. have children
  13. live in a big city loft apartment
  14. volunteer in a third world country- july 2010
  15. learn to meditate
  16. become a wedding planner on the side
  17. trek to machu picchu- july 2008
  18. send a message in a bottle
  19. paint a mural
  20. climb halfdome
  21. keep a journal
  22. start and maintain a blog
  23. lead a book club
  24. save my v-card for my honeymoon night
  25. boat to seal island, south africa
  26. stay in a hillside ocean villa in greece
  27. go on an “around the world ticket” trip
  28. drink beer at oktoberfest in munich
  29. live like a local in south america for a month
  30. see and participate in the running of the bulls in spain
  31. skinny dip in the ocean- multiple occasions...
  32. keg stand
  33. learn wine and cheese pairings
  34. learn to throw pottery
  35. hike in the swiss alps
  36. snorkel the great barrier reef
  37. bungee jump
  38. shop at pikes place farmers market in seattle
  39. learn about and take up photography
  40. have my own etsy site
  41. invest in stocks wisely
  42. write a cookbook
  43. visit patagonia
  44. paddle board
  45. change someone’s life chances
  46. vote- nov 2009... go obama!
  47. reach my ideal weight
  48. study abroad- july 2010
  49. travel around sub-saharan africa
  50. do 100 push-ups consecutively
  51. become a regular kayaker
  52. kiteboard
  53. sleep in a hut over the carribean sea
  54. photograph people in their culture
  55. ride an elephant
  56. own my own business
  57. own my own house
  58. become a nurse practitioner
  59. white-water raft
  60. see the northern lights
  61. see iguazu falls-july 10, 2010
  62. learn spanish
  63. be a great listener
  64. become a kayaker
  65. design and make a piece of furniture with dad
i bet you want to make a bucket list now... i bet you do... its really fun.... come on make one!

March 14, 2010

dream big.

a girl can dream, right?

finals studying is overwhelming me at this moment but this little piece of amazingness is calming my senses.
what are you daydreaming about?

March 12, 2010


worst blogger ever. i need to make some resolutions or something so that someday i can maybe be one of those expert bloggers that have followers and such. oh that would be great! until then i have a few new other ideas and loves that can hopefully keep you entertained for a bit. to start it off... have you heard of the tv show "the buried life"?

:: yea, yea i know the whole bucket list thing has been done and done again but the newest "the buried life" show is the best. four guys, 100 things (to do before they die), accomplish them all. as you may have noticed i get into new ideas and thing quite often... therefor i have already begun my buried life list. ill post a whole list of them soon once i have 50 things! hmmm... whats on your list?

:: EOS rebel XS camera is on the top of my birthday list this year. ive done a bit of research and im thinking that this may just be "the one" for me. do you have it? do you love it? is there another better one?

:: steam room... nakie. after my work outs ive been soaking up some heat. its a new obsession and im thoroughly wanting to build one in my future home. one of those great ones made out of wood. you can sweat up to 1.2oz. per hour... now thats a lot of toxins.

:: peonies. nothing cheers me up like a bunch of these little guys. my dad is just about to put in the whole summer garden for this year and im hoping to get a few of these in the ground (if they are a spring flower?)

:: three books to read--- "push" and "the female brain" and "the bottom billion"... hopefully spring quarter tanning time will open up some time to read!

what are you into this month? any crafts, projects, or recipes i should try?

March 2, 2010

seester time

this weekend i had nothing going on and i was able to head down south to scripps college in claremont, ca to celebrate my best friend jen's birthday party! i had a blast and certainly enjoyed the fancy "cafeteria", orange and olive tree lined pathways, and b-e-a-u-t-f-u-l campus. its like resort college.... so beautiful and great, creative, fun people! thanks jen and friends i had so much fun!

after the fun birthday and stay at claremont i headed back to the city of angeles to hang out with my bestest seester hannah at UCLA! we had the best weekend. period. we ate emily/hannah meals, did a little shopping, chatted like sisters do, and i got to watch her soccer game on sunday.

i think the best part of the whole trip was our dinner at the "novel cafe" in westwood. warm goat cheese salad (that was bomb!) and rosemary chicken and eggplant sandwich. yummmmm!
if all of that wasn't great i topped off my trip with a famous "diddy riese" cookie sandwich for $1.50! ahhhh! i splurged for a chocolate-chip cookie, peanut butter cookie, and cookies-and-cream ice cream...
i can't take credit for this picture... i should have thought to snap a picture of my creation. thanks google!
is your mouth watering yet? $1.50? how do they do that?