March 22, 2010

THE bucket list.

hello again! as promised, here is my bucket list as of now. 60 items, some down, many to go. i will add and cross out as i go. most importantly i will document my accomplishments as i go!
  1. climb mtn. kilimanjaro
  2. take part in a protest in washington, dc
  3. visit auschwitz concentration camp
  4. live for a month on a dollar a day
  5. go on a rv road trip across America and see the national parks
  6. plant my own vegetable, herb, and flower garden
  7. walk across ireland
  8. participate in a triathlon- june 2008
  9. deliver a baby
  10. get my scuba license
  11. marry my soulmate
  12. have children
  13. live in a big city loft apartment
  14. volunteer in a third world country- july 2010
  15. learn to meditate
  16. become a wedding planner on the side
  17. trek to machu picchu- july 2008
  18. send a message in a bottle
  19. paint a mural
  20. climb halfdome
  21. keep a journal
  22. start and maintain a blog
  23. lead a book club
  24. save my v-card for my honeymoon night
  25. boat to seal island, south africa
  26. stay in a hillside ocean villa in greece
  27. go on an “around the world ticket” trip
  28. drink beer at oktoberfest in munich
  29. live like a local in south america for a month
  30. see and participate in the running of the bulls in spain
  31. skinny dip in the ocean- multiple occasions...
  32. keg stand
  33. learn wine and cheese pairings
  34. learn to throw pottery
  35. hike in the swiss alps
  36. snorkel the great barrier reef
  37. bungee jump
  38. shop at pikes place farmers market in seattle
  39. learn about and take up photography
  40. have my own etsy site
  41. invest in stocks wisely
  42. write a cookbook
  43. visit patagonia
  44. paddle board
  45. change someone’s life chances
  46. vote- nov 2009... go obama!
  47. reach my ideal weight
  48. study abroad- july 2010
  49. travel around sub-saharan africa
  50. do 100 push-ups consecutively
  51. become a regular kayaker
  52. kiteboard
  53. sleep in a hut over the carribean sea
  54. photograph people in their culture
  55. ride an elephant
  56. own my own business
  57. own my own house
  58. become a nurse practitioner
  59. white-water raft
  60. see the northern lights
  61. see iguazu falls-july 10, 2010
  62. learn spanish
  63. be a great listener
  64. become a kayaker
  65. design and make a piece of furniture with dad
i bet you want to make a bucket list now... i bet you do... its really fun.... come on make one!

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