March 25, 2010

rested, replenished, and RAWring to go.

i mentioned it a few weeks ago, but recently i have been reading up on different detoxes and i found one that i am in love with. so today is the start to my raw food lifestyle change. after watching “food inc.” and reading natalia rose’s “the raw food detox diet” book over this spring break im on my way to veganism…. not really, but close (i have a love affair with cheese- really though). basically it comes down to this: i want to lose weight, i need to eat more veggies, and im pretty grossed out now by food “standards” and chemicals today. hence- emily is doing a raw food cleanse! (well 85% raw to begin with and increasing up to 98%)… im nervous.

my day will consist of juiced “green lemonade” (a juice blend of celery, kale, lemon, apple, and honey/ginger) upon waking, breakfast, lunch and snacks of 100% raw foods. this “raw until dinner” will be followed by dinner consisting primarily of raw foods with some cooked items aswell.

foods on the cleanse include (fyi this is not a comprehensive list):
raw vegetables*
raw fruit
raw unslated nuts and seeds
unsulfured dried fruit
almond butter
raw maple syrup and honey
almond milk
legumes and black beans
brown and wild rice
grilled fish
raw goat or sheep cheese
coconut milk and flesh
limited poultry
cold-pressed oils
*primarily raw, uncooked green veggies; with limited amounts of starch veggies, e.g. potatoes, butternut squash, and pumpkin)

now lets be honest. im a newbie and im going to mess up but my plan is to keep you informed with great recipes and hopefully youll see some great progress along with me! I will be strictly sticking to this for exactly one month (then cheating a bit on my 21st birthday-woops, don’t guilt trip me, my body will do that for me the day after) then returning quickly after. im super excited now that i have read about it a bunch and im ready for some healthy eating!

have you ever gone raw? cleansed? dieted and failed and then dieted and failed again? (me too!)

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