March 12, 2010


worst blogger ever. i need to make some resolutions or something so that someday i can maybe be one of those expert bloggers that have followers and such. oh that would be great! until then i have a few new other ideas and loves that can hopefully keep you entertained for a bit. to start it off... have you heard of the tv show "the buried life"?

:: yea, yea i know the whole bucket list thing has been done and done again but the newest "the buried life" show is the best. four guys, 100 things (to do before they die), accomplish them all. as you may have noticed i get into new ideas and thing quite often... therefor i have already begun my buried life list. ill post a whole list of them soon once i have 50 things! hmmm... whats on your list?

:: EOS rebel XS camera is on the top of my birthday list this year. ive done a bit of research and im thinking that this may just be "the one" for me. do you have it? do you love it? is there another better one?

:: steam room... nakie. after my work outs ive been soaking up some heat. its a new obsession and im thoroughly wanting to build one in my future home. one of those great ones made out of wood. you can sweat up to 1.2oz. per hour... now thats a lot of toxins.

:: peonies. nothing cheers me up like a bunch of these little guys. my dad is just about to put in the whole summer garden for this year and im hoping to get a few of these in the ground (if they are a spring flower?)

:: three books to read--- "push" and "the female brain" and "the bottom billion"... hopefully spring quarter tanning time will open up some time to read!

what are you into this month? any crafts, projects, or recipes i should try?

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  1. Hey Em -
    I love you - I love your blog - It makes me smile to think about you -