July 28, 2011

good ol' time.

our state fair is the best state fair,
don't miss it,
don't even be late!
(remember how good that movie was... so good)

it's fair time and i'm a reminiscin'...
back to the 4-H days,
ms. karens dipped ice creams,
5am barn duty calls with breakfast burritos,
card game tournaments,
wrangle outfits,
hay bale naps,
and those 100 degree nights.

switch that around and add a few years...
now its concerts,
overpriced drinks,
never ending nights with friends,
strolls through the barns,
reminiscent ice creams,
stopping though to watch the shows,
and those 100 degree nights.

funny how things change,
but still stay the same.

stay redneck mid state fair.
you will always be my favorite week in july.

July 25, 2011


so this weekend was spent in the east bay/sf again with my most favoritist mewy and her family. love them!

the giants game was awesome especially with my first ever overpriced, fancy cup, professional game beer and hanging with a group of the 'walnuts' was so great!

yea, yea, yea i know im a bandwagoner...

but really all my friends and roommates are giants fans, so i was destined to bleed orange and black at some point... go giants!

and now with the possibility of heading to sf, i think its becoming appropriated. right? i think so:)

July 19, 2011

san francisco.

soooo i spent this past weekend in sf...
and it was
i checked out grad schools. and then fell in love with them!!!
i was a wannabe med student for the day and it was awesome.
i met some incredible doctors, nurses, and hospital staff (i am sooo lucky!).
i toured around the city with the best tour guide ever, thanks sean.
i had great dinners and cocktail hours with mom and aunt jane. so yummy and fun.
i hit the town with some of my favorite friends, tommy and sean you're awesome!
i shopped the boutiquey streets and found some goodies (woops).
and i fell in love with san francisco even more.

im certainly hoping that i can get into grad school there.
until then ill just be visiting often and praying for an acceptance letter.
also, i fell in love with this print. so i bought it:)

i love you sf and hopefully someday you will be my home.

July 13, 2011


it's finals time!!!
usa, you are just plain awesome.
and im thinking its glory time like '99.
also...i may or may not have a super big crush on hope solo's crazy keeper skills.

July 8, 2011


i'm just saying you should check it out...
its super cool and really fun to get ideas from.

just do it.
scroll down.
right hand side.
click that little "follow me" button.
good job:)

p.s. you should get one and be my friend.
all the cool kids are doing it.

July 6, 2011

small town, usa.

happy belated independence day!
summer is in full swing here on the central coast.
lots of lounging, beaching, coffee drinking, bbqing, cleaning, reading, everything.

here's a few from the past few days...
cayucos, ca. fourth of july parade.
fireworks and pomegranate martinis. best fourth ever.
avila beach lounging. never gets old.

hope your weekend was festive and your day is great!
stay cool san luis!