July 19, 2011

san francisco.

soooo i spent this past weekend in sf...
and it was
i checked out grad schools. and then fell in love with them!!!
i was a wannabe med student for the day and it was awesome.
i met some incredible doctors, nurses, and hospital staff (i am sooo lucky!).
i toured around the city with the best tour guide ever, thanks sean.
i had great dinners and cocktail hours with mom and aunt jane. so yummy and fun.
i hit the town with some of my favorite friends, tommy and sean you're awesome!
i shopped the boutiquey streets and found some goodies (woops).
and i fell in love with san francisco even more.

im certainly hoping that i can get into grad school there.
until then ill just be visiting often and praying for an acceptance letter.
also, i fell in love with this print. so i bought it:)

i love you sf and hopefully someday you will be my home.

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