February 24, 2010

februarys finds

im sorry. ive been slacking quite a bit on this whole blog thing and for that i apologize. im going to make a more conscious effort to blog, craft, cook, and get my fun outings on here for you to try and enjoy! as for right now, here are a few things that im quite into right now...

::the countdown until i am 21 in officially underway. april 25 is two months away and rest assured i am counting down the days until i can sip on some merlot and enjoy my favorite sesame ginger noodle salad here at big sky cafe!
::OLYMPICS! right there with shark week, the olympics are my favorite... you best be cheering and watching every minute of these last few days!

::as the terrible "bikini" season quickly approached, ive been in full swing at the gym workin' on my bod and ive been quite a fan of these lovely "healthy" foods: spinach, cottage cheese, blueberry smoothies, edamame, and goat cheese for a guilty pleasure (thank you women's health magazine for teaching me everything i know about healthy foods)- might i suggest a subscription? its a great beach read...

::lululemon! this weekend we had a girls weekend in santa barbara and spoiled ourselves with a fancy dinner, beach walks, hot tubbing, and of course a little shopping. i had some return credit and i got the best, most comfortable teal "stride" jacket (i know teal, so not me!) its worth every penny!

okay and here are some plans(remember i love to plan!)
1. my best friend jen will be heading to paris for a semester abroad this fall. currently im searching flights and vacation deals... its my dream to see the auschwitz concentration camp (strange but i think the holocaust is the most fascinating part of history... and the book "night" by elie wiesel is one of my favorite books), strasburgs christmas markets, and swiss alps. can you say european extravaganza!
2. detox raw food diet... more to come, but im feeling gunked up recently

what are you into this month? any plans? suggestions?

February 14, 2010

first love

homemade pizza, scrabble cheese-its games, ants on a log, and coffee ice cream accompanied by a 70 degree avila beach night... that was my very special valentines date.
happy lovers day to my aspiring pediatric physical therapist that never fails to have an unending sense of humor, ruthless drive to succeed, and stable shoulder to lean on.
i love you a hole punch brandon!