May 30, 2011

happy memorial day.

have a happy memorial day!
i know i will/am...
perfect warm weather
homemade, patriotic fruit pizza
good ol' american dinner
time with b
movie night
great weekend:)

May 23, 2011

happy monday.

hello again.
today has been a long day,
so i will keep it short and simple.

here are my 'happy things' on this may day.

brandon. get to see him this coming weekend. i miss him. so much.
hannah. weekend fun at novel cafe and sister time. counting down the days.
schools almost out. for a while this time. hello graduation.
my new 'pinterest' account. i am literally obsessed. yes, obsessed.
coffee. if it weren't for you there would be no happy monday.
finishing up the spring quarter and the best college years ever with the walnut crew. you're awesome w.c.
knowing that summer bbqs, fresh garden produce, home cooked meals, long naps, mornings of jammies and endless coffee, family dinners, and early bedtimes are just around the corner. gosh i sound old and boring. but honestly, so great.
(so true- excited for the coming months/year/years)

goodnight my friends.
sleep tight and enjoy your tuesday.

May 16, 2011

happy monday.

today is a quiet, rainy happy monday. despite the gloomy weather, i am happy today because...

:::officially off to los angeles for the fall)! a much needed change of place and pace!

:::twenty-six days until i graduate! got the invitations in the mail the other day. owwoww!

:::weekend of great food and even better company from my future roomies, my sister hannah and her friend emily. they are just so great and im so excited to live with them in the fall!

:::great family time this weekend and a low-key week at school. can you say winding down? yea!

:::i know i already posted about it but i am thrilled about my square foot garden. i can't wait to cook and enjoy all of the spices and herbs in a bit.

:::discovering 'pinterest' and finding all kinds of new inspiration. maybe i should tackle a craft, recipe, or something in the near future?

whats keeping you happy today?
cuddle up, have some tea, grab a book or magazine, and enjoy your night! xo!

May 15, 2011

diy: square foot garden

here is my favorite new project.
an herb and spice square foot garden.
it was simple and i am sooooo excited for the products in a few monthes!
heres how you do it...
1. obtain or make a raised bed. (my dad built the one i used and its 8'x4')
2. mark off every foot around the box and hammer in 1" nails every on all marks. tie off garden twine on the width and length to create 1'x1' squares.
3. hit the nursery and pic up a variety of herbs, spices, veggies, flowers, etc.- you can choose to have a specific variety for each square or have multiple squares of the same variety. just make sure to look and see how close your plants are supposed to be planted together and arrange them from shortest to tallest (i chose to only use spices and herbs and ended up with about 12 different varieties)
4. plant your plants in their appropriate squares and water as recommended.
along with the varieties of the common herbs and spices (basil, thyme, sage, oregano, dill, chives etc.), i picked up a few herbs used to make tea for common health issues which should be cool to grow and use.
but anyway, i am soo excited for them to grow and ill keep you updated!
until then, get out there and plant!

May 9, 2011

happy monday.

happy monday.
woahhh. how did i manage to miss so many mondays/month of blogging?
crazy. crazy. crazy.
but lets get to the things that are making this a 'happy monday'...

stagecoach music festival. aka the culmination of great country music, rednecks, beer, dirty camping, and friends!
argentinean lunch for my birthday, complete with empanadas and quilmes beer. thanks b!

a weekend away and a hike to eaton falls with b. so great!
small easter with the fam. delicious food and great company always.

my birthday. thanks family, friends, and roomies! it was great!

my first visit ever to the all wonderful 'papersource' store. its like heaven.
five weeks until i am officially a cal poly college grad. woowoo!

some exciting new plans for fall;) more to come soon.

hope you have a happy monday!
see you soon!