May 15, 2011

diy: square foot garden

here is my favorite new project.
an herb and spice square foot garden.
it was simple and i am sooooo excited for the products in a few monthes!
heres how you do it...
1. obtain or make a raised bed. (my dad built the one i used and its 8'x4')
2. mark off every foot around the box and hammer in 1" nails every on all marks. tie off garden twine on the width and length to create 1'x1' squares.
3. hit the nursery and pic up a variety of herbs, spices, veggies, flowers, etc.- you can choose to have a specific variety for each square or have multiple squares of the same variety. just make sure to look and see how close your plants are supposed to be planted together and arrange them from shortest to tallest (i chose to only use spices and herbs and ended up with about 12 different varieties)
4. plant your plants in their appropriate squares and water as recommended.
along with the varieties of the common herbs and spices (basil, thyme, sage, oregano, dill, chives etc.), i picked up a few herbs used to make tea for common health issues which should be cool to grow and use.
but anyway, i am soo excited for them to grow and ill keep you updated!
until then, get out there and plant!

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