April 27, 2010

abundant april

april, where did you go? this has been quite an amazing month for me. great quarter, great roommates, great detox, great workouts, great birthday, great boyfriend, great crafting, great adventures, great everything! i feel like i have so much to update you friends on. so here it goes a short list of my amazing april...

:::wine monday, fajita tuesday- its been a new tradition this quarter that monday nights the roommates and i open a super fancy bottle of two-buck-chuck chardonnay and toast to a great week. secondly, we have started my personal favorite, drum roll please... fajita night! yummy veggies, beans, avocado, great tortilla. im in heaven.

:::cleanse diet- month one complete of my raw cleanse with a weekend hiatus for my birthday, back on as of yesterday, and loving the clean and energize feeling!

:::workout- p90x! my roommates and i have begun the new series of workout videos and we all love them (minus the millions of pull-ups). such a great workout and its at home so its super convenient. youtube ab ripper x and give it a try!

:::the big 2-1 birthday- this weekend i celebrated my birthday along with my roommate rachel. we had a great party and a fabulous time downtown for the first time! thank you to all of you that helped me to celebrate an unforgettable birthday!

:::the one and only eos rebel xs- i am the proud and very lucky owner of this amazing camera. ahhh! my parents generously gave me this for my birthday and i could not be more excited. i am planning on taking a photography class later this quarter to learn to use it to its fullest and until then i will experiment and gawk at its amazing pictures! isn't she a beauty!!!

:::brunching and crafting- beside my massive bag of office and craft supplies that i received for my birthday from paper sky (heaven, i know!), i was able to hand make a bunch of goodies, cards, and decorations for my sunday brunch. in addition, i have a great little line up of crafts to come after i finish midterms this week... ohlala!

not quite all of the food... quiche, fruit, homeade scones, muffins, coffee cake, rosted rosemary potatos, mmmmm!)

:::adventures- a few new adventures have started to pop-up along the way this spring quarter. im learning to longboard and rollerblade better. minus the massive crash that took out a large portion of my "cheek" (if you know what i mean) it has been so fun, especially our long "blade" on the bob jones trade to avila!

bring it on may!

April 13, 2010

yummy coconut.

simple coconut macaroons to fulfill my sweet tooth tonight. thanks "elana's pantry" for the recipe and i believe that you may become a good friend of mine in the near future. gotta love a good ol' gluten free blog! (picture from elena's blog... thanks!)

p.s. this weekend i hosted a garden party sunday brunch at my parents home. complete with homemade pastries and wonderful quiche all with a touch of crafty projects and fresh flowers. my favorite! (pictures to come)

April 4, 2010

these are my confessions.

im a proud mama. well maybe not mama but cook. this easter i made two great quiches for our massive easter brunch with all of the relatives. a pesto, roasted pepper, and sun-dried tomato along with a simple sharp cheddar and spiced sausage. mmm. this is where the confessions come in... i ate cows milk and cream, sugar, unbleached white flour, and too much food period. don't you worry though- i am back to my lovely raw diet tonight and i am looking forward to a nice fresh fruit smoothie in the morning!

as for this lovely picture! i made an asparagus gruyere tart! it was quite delicious if i do say so myself. and i have to add, that i browned and sweetened onions (with olive oil, garlic, and brown sugar) and laid them down the middle. even better.

how was your easter? filled with great bunchy food, old traditions, and inappropriate luncheon conversations? oh my gosh, me too!!!