June 21, 2011

officially a gawker.

i have a new problem.
i gawk way too much.
if you haven't heard of the gawker sites... you should probably check them out.
they are super addicting and a great way to get some inspiration.

just a warning tho. hours may fly by and you may lose sleep over their greatness.
hope you enjoy them as much as i do!
happy inspiring!

grad time.

here's a little picture preview of graduation and all of its fabulous celebrations!
goooo cal poly!!!
with the family!
with the friends!
and some celebrations!

too much fun!
hope you enjoy your day!

June 17, 2011

new beginning.

college is done (crazy, sad, happy, depressing, amazing).
it was the best four years of my life and i can't believe that its over.
graduation was a blast and all of the festivities were great.

i just wish i could do it all again and again and again.
cause it was the best.
now its on to new and exciting things but i will never forget my walnuts.
they are the best friends that i could ever ask for.
and i will love them forever and ever.

peace out cal poly. you were awesome!!!

p.s. i will update with tons of pictures and such soon!

June 6, 2011

happy monday.

thank goodness i started 'happy monday' or i would never blog.
yep, im awesome.
trying... maybe this summer i'll actually blog.

today is happy.
and im pretty sure that everyday this week will be a happy day because...
graduate in a few days.
see brandon and hannah on friday.
graduation parties coming up.
the infamous spring walnut party is coming up.
three finals between me and being done with school (for a while).
mom made breakfast burritos for the roomies and i for finals week. and they are the best.
great roomie dinners recently.
the list could go on but ill spare your (three readers) time.
have a great one and look for more of the crazy events on the blog in the coming days/weeks!