March 28, 2011

happy monday.

happy, happy monday to you all:)
this week its because...

spring quarter started on a great note.
it was a sunny day today.
fabulous, relaxing spring break.
brandons here next week.
fridge of yummy new groceries.
girly spring brunch right around the corner.
great roomies and friends.
fun birthday dinner with friends tonight.
some crafty, cooky projects in the near future.

yea, im happy.
are you?
oh and happy spring!

March 26, 2011


today was a 'me' day.

i got to sleep in late.
go to linnaea's for breakfast with dad. complete with rice pudding. yum.
picked up lunch at sally loo's and ran errands for mom.
shopped around rainy slo for myself. yeee.
swung by paper sky for all the goods to make some spring brunch invitations.
took a little nap. on the couch with warm blankies.
moseyed around blogs, life inspiration ideas, grad school sites, and recipes.
made a great veggie quiche and crisp salad for dinner with the 'rentals.
browsed 'b and n' tonight and grabbed a book and some guilty pleasure magazines.
off to bed soon with a cup of my favorite mint tea.
rested, replenished, and rawrrring to go for spring quarter.

goodnight friends.
have a great night and entertain the idea of a 'me' day.
they really are great and needed.
p.s. 'me' days are always the start of a travel plan... summer 2011 i think you may need an adventure!

March 24, 2011

happy (monday) thursday.

alright, alright im a few days late but for good reasons this time.
today is a happy thursday because...

i'm on spring break! owoww!

yay for two great friends getting engaged this past weekend. i am sooo happy for you joe and kelly!!!

i got to spend my whole first part of break with brandon!
it was the best. ever.
chocolate chip pancakes, soccer, fort building, snuggling, basketball, froyo, grad school meetings, movie nights, just to name a few.
got to peruse the santa monica farmers market, cruse around 3rd street, and enjoy delicious crepes with my sister yesterday. imperfect, farmers ranunculas? yes please!
brandon and my mid west, cardiovascular disease inducing dinner. i made the good ol' mashed potatoes, fried chicken, cream corn, grads rolls, and roasted brussels sprouts. we created these masterpieces- grands roll covered in mashed potatoes with homemade cream corn on top. stop. don't judge until you try it. im a big proponent for starch on starch foods and if youre from the mid-west, i guarentee you'll l-o-v-e.
as of tomorrow... my birthday is exactly one month away. and we all know how much i love my birthday month. i milk it for all is worth... yeeee!

happy happy happy.
and spring break weather, im ready for you to act like spring break weather.
please and thank you.

March 16, 2011

end in sight.

study, study, study.
finals week is almost done.
friday cannot come fast enough.
until then a little st. patty's celebration at 6am tomorrow...
i think so:)

have a great st. pattys tomorrow!
and if your still in the middle of your finals week...
take a break, have a little fun, and good luck!

March 15, 2011

hello future.

hello future,
thinking of you today.
not sure how/what/when/where you are.
but im sure you'll be bright.
and fun.
and challenging.
and awesome.
yours truly

p.s. if your a reader and not a follower... you should be a follower:)

March 14, 2011

happy monday.

its that day again. and can i just say this is my fifth, yes fifth, monday of 'happy monday'. im slowly raising my blogger status, maybe?

well to the goods...

happy monday because i had a great, relaxing weekend with my friends watching movies, eating great potluck meals, and hanging out on the couch studying for finals. shout out to mewy, abs, paula, katie, tyler, chad, sean, thomas, tommy, and brandon in spirit!

happy monday because one week from right now i will be with my best friend and sister. and ill be on spring break. yesss!

happy monday because i just found this awesome app on my iphone and im sooo excited. it really is the small things in life.

happy monday because its st. patty's week and holidays are the best!

happy monday because its a sunny, beautiful day at the coffee shop studying and nothing beats a morning in downtown slo!

hows your monday?
i hope its great and sunny!

March 12, 2011


today is a saturday for studying.
finals next week.
flashcards to be made.
textbooks to be read.
study guides to be created.
and a whole lot of learning to be done.

as for this morning, i enjoyed the high life of studying college student.
a piece of this deliciousness.
a cup of jo.
and this view.
yea, college is rough.

thanks jomamas for a great morning.
and thanks avila for always brightening my day.

March 7, 2011

happy monday.

oh monday. back to real life today but many things are still bringing a smile to my face from the past few days...

1. a great catch-up, sleepover, food raid, shopping day, and quality time with my sister hannah at ucla and third street promenade in santa monica. oh and ucla brunch... a personal favorite.

2. two weeks left until spring break. so excited for a break from school... that also means that i only have a quarter and a week and then im a college graduate. whatwhat?!?!

3. getting excited to meet with a few grad programs over break... nurse practitioning here i come! but also a little excited to figure out and apply to emt and/or cna programs. ahh so many things to think about, but quite fortunate for the opportunities!

4. a weekend full of my best friend. nothing brings a smile to my face like brandon:) i love you and can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

5. the recent knowledge that my blog reader list is growing. thanks to the loyal 3 or 4 of you and as for you newbies, i hope to not disappoint! keep on reading and hold me accountable. lots of fun things to blog about in the coming months:)

6. brandon and hannah warrant another bullet because they made me the happiest this weekend. just watching movies, eating great food, chitchatting, relaxing, and laughing over nothing. sooo great:)

p.s. tyler this is for you!