March 7, 2011

happy monday.

oh monday. back to real life today but many things are still bringing a smile to my face from the past few days...

1. a great catch-up, sleepover, food raid, shopping day, and quality time with my sister hannah at ucla and third street promenade in santa monica. oh and ucla brunch... a personal favorite.

2. two weeks left until spring break. so excited for a break from school... that also means that i only have a quarter and a week and then im a college graduate. whatwhat?!?!

3. getting excited to meet with a few grad programs over break... nurse practitioning here i come! but also a little excited to figure out and apply to emt and/or cna programs. ahh so many things to think about, but quite fortunate for the opportunities!

4. a weekend full of my best friend. nothing brings a smile to my face like brandon:) i love you and can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

5. the recent knowledge that my blog reader list is growing. thanks to the loyal 3 or 4 of you and as for you newbies, i hope to not disappoint! keep on reading and hold me accountable. lots of fun things to blog about in the coming months:)

6. brandon and hannah warrant another bullet because they made me the happiest this weekend. just watching movies, eating great food, chitchatting, relaxing, and laughing over nothing. sooo great:)

p.s. tyler this is for you!

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