March 14, 2011

happy monday.

its that day again. and can i just say this is my fifth, yes fifth, monday of 'happy monday'. im slowly raising my blogger status, maybe?

well to the goods...

happy monday because i had a great, relaxing weekend with my friends watching movies, eating great potluck meals, and hanging out on the couch studying for finals. shout out to mewy, abs, paula, katie, tyler, chad, sean, thomas, tommy, and brandon in spirit!

happy monday because one week from right now i will be with my best friend and sister. and ill be on spring break. yesss!

happy monday because i just found this awesome app on my iphone and im sooo excited. it really is the small things in life.

happy monday because its st. patty's week and holidays are the best!

happy monday because its a sunny, beautiful day at the coffee shop studying and nothing beats a morning in downtown slo!

hows your monday?
i hope its great and sunny!

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