December 27, 2011

recap through pictures.

apologies for the pause in blogging. 
busy december and a great holiday season.
here's what has been going on in pictures (from the iphone)...
strolled through union square, san francisco. st. francis gingerbread castle, ice skating, macy's decorations, and the union square christmas tree.
walked through the sf ferry building and fell in love with 'cowgirl creamery' among others. i think i'll be a frequent flyer when i move up at the end of the month.
speaking of school. welcome to cowell hall at usf where i will be in a month for school. visited the school with the family a few weekends ago.
visited madonna inn to fulfill our annual family tradition of enjoying the decorations and dessert.
decorated christmas cookies with all the family and my favorite little maddy.
santa was oh-so-good and i received this little baby. 
slipped and broke my knee on christmas day. bummers.

so there you have it. 
december in the life of emily.

hope your holidays are great and enjoy your 27th of december!

December 8, 2011

holiday gift guide.

i'm hopping on the blogging bandwagon.
yep, i'm doing it.
so here is my 'holiday gift guide' for the females out there.
it's basically a list of my all-time-everyday-favorites.
(a poor college student perk- everything is under $25)
and shop away!

December 7, 2011

the final countdown.

5 days until christmas ornament hanging and decorating.
4 days until is see B and the college gang.
3 days left in LA.
2 days of EMT class left.
1 day of finals.
hallelujah for christmas time at home!
and a shout out to my lovely roomies that i get to see this weekend.
i'm pretty sure that i will always call you 'my roomies.'

December 5, 2011

once again.

...i'm blogging about that certain, special boy.
mushy, mushy but you love it.

took a quick little trip for a little b + em time this weekend.
little did i know i was walking into a handsome, cutely dressed boy
with flowers and a 'congrats on grad school'/lovey card,
topped with a homemade dinner by mr. b,
and complete with a popcorn and mini coffee ice cream movie night in bed.
dang, is he a winner? or is he a winner?
love you b!

December 1, 2011

25 days of christmas.

hooray! the 25 days of christmas have arrived!
it is seriously my favorite time of year!
i love december!

i absolutely cannot wait to get home now.
i am craving the palmer house. big time.
the smell of pine, vanilla, and cinnamon.
the short, fat tree with a variety of homemade ornaments.
garlands and wreaths everywhere.
fireplace nights and coffee on the couch in the morning.
the spilling over of brown, white, and red packages.
candles, christmas music, and nativity scenes.
comfort food and an overwhelming dessert table of goodies.
apricot cookies and peppermint hot cocoa.
christmas parties and holiday festivities.
and the anticipation.

so incredibly excited for home but enjoying my study break naps while listening to christmas music, mulling spices, pumpkin bread, and store-front la windows!

on a depressing note, i am missing the good ol' san luis obispo downtown chrismas parade tomorrow night. and for the record this will be my first absence in 23 years. super depressing.

but can't wait to be home a week from tomorrow!
happy december and enjoy opening your advent calendar for the first time today!