December 1, 2011

25 days of christmas.

hooray! the 25 days of christmas have arrived!
it is seriously my favorite time of year!
i love december!

i absolutely cannot wait to get home now.
i am craving the palmer house. big time.
the smell of pine, vanilla, and cinnamon.
the short, fat tree with a variety of homemade ornaments.
garlands and wreaths everywhere.
fireplace nights and coffee on the couch in the morning.
the spilling over of brown, white, and red packages.
candles, christmas music, and nativity scenes.
comfort food and an overwhelming dessert table of goodies.
apricot cookies and peppermint hot cocoa.
christmas parties and holiday festivities.
and the anticipation.

so incredibly excited for home but enjoying my study break naps while listening to christmas music, mulling spices, pumpkin bread, and store-front la windows!

on a depressing note, i am missing the good ol' san luis obispo downtown chrismas parade tomorrow night. and for the record this will be my first absence in 23 years. super depressing.

but can't wait to be home a week from tomorrow!
happy december and enjoy opening your advent calendar for the first time today!

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