February 26, 2014


the everygirl blog has remained a staple in my blogroll reads.
everything from cooking to travel to politics to careers.
it's a realistic and informative site with a fun amount of bloggy flair.

i love this most recent post on shopping and eating healthy.
if you are like me and cooking is for one or two people, you know how hard it is to pick up groceries frugally, yet super fresh and always a bummer when you have to toss something or you have to make a trip back early. this little article and recipes were a great snapshot of practicality and wholesome goodness.

anyone still holding on tight to their new years resolutions for healthy eating or working out?
my juicer is still getting is go around about once a week at least and my yoga regiment is steadily improving. not to say that i haven't had my bouts with pizza, nachos and all day lounging... but still. 
happy healthy eating loveys!

February 24, 2014


i'll be honest, as much as i have tried to embrace this in-between time while i wait for a job to come around and after all of the constant stimulation of twenty-something straight years of school culminating in the craziness of masters projects, i am quite far from relaxed. 
while i am firm in my desire to pursue the best possible position for me, i remain restless in the everyday.

if it weren't for my little friend yoga, i don't think i would be sane.

the past few months have given me the blessing of time.
time in which i have used to explore several different types of yoga and made it a conscious practice to set aside time to practice mindfulness in the midst of my always-thinking-little-mind. 
my inner contentment has never been more centered than in the little hours of the day on my mat. 

and to that i say,

February 23, 2014

so long from the usa.

my favorite 18 days of every other year have come to a close.
so long olympics.
you rocked it usa.
can't wait for 2016- rio baby!

February 21, 2014

milling around.

a somewhat spontaneous little friday morning trip lead the roomie and i over to mill valley, 20 miles north of sf for a little cafe breakfast, latte ('for here'- such a guilty pleasure) and a trip up dipsea steps to the look out over mill valley.
shocked and amazed at how beautiful and quaint the redwood covered hills are just minutes away from my favorite bustling city.
 along the redwoods paths and along the creek.
so incredibly beautiful.

dipsea steps... sore calves.
yea, i'll take that house.
what a view to accompany your daily cup of jo.

hope you are able to get out and enjoy the sunny skies this weekend!

February 19, 2014

treasure hunting.

a few weeks back we had a little family girl outing (aunts, mom and me)

holy cow, that place if full of treasure.
talk about having a hay-day decorating a room or home,
finding a special antique something,
or gathering up a ton of beautiful linens or kitchen goodies for crafts and gifts.
it was a little out of control huge.
26-rows of stands with food trucks and small garden pop-up shops 
down the sides of the market.

i highly suggests hitting up this the first sunday of every month.
we may just run into each other...

February 14, 2014

over it.

wanna know something?
feeling over this whole blog thing.

gonna try a push thru for you folks out there.
that's love. 
so to start... happy valentines day!

spent the morning sipping coffee and enjoying delicious food at my favorite cafe
and finishing the day with a night-in for a cooking and movie date.

homemade pizzas and fancy drinks on the sofa with the one and only, B.
we go big.


my affinity for after-hours taco bell may have just been halted.
homemade vegetarian crunch wrap supremes.

if a bite of this doesn't get you thru the week, i don't know what will.
can you say game night din-din with margs?!

happy monday!