September 26, 2010

links to my life

soooo busy these days.
school started... aka microbiology and senior project have just begun.
work is is full swing... three nights a week at least.
senior year... completing everything so i can be a "college grad'= scary.
looking beyond cal poly... internships, grad school, etc.
in other using most hours of the day, everyday.

a few links to give you a preview of my life as of right now...

gennaros restaurant

senior project with the STRIDE Center (leading up the 'Flash' Study with a few other seniors)

highly considering applying for a ChildLife Internship next summer at UCSF or Oakland Children's

my ideal grad program (from all of the ones that i know of so far)... ucsf=heaven

half-marathon that i will be jogging/walking on october 17th...

that should give you a bit of a taste...

goodnight my friends... a BIG week lies ahead:)

September 12, 2010

sunny, sunny sunday

a sunny, sunny sunday.
complete with a trip to big sky for breakfast with the padres.
some outdoor lunchy time with brandon.
an afternoon stroll on the 'bob jones trail'.
reunion of 1144 walnut street tonight.
and no work, no babysitting, no nothing.

ahhh sunday!

September 8, 2010


okay so i have been m-i-a recently.
working mornings until afternoon babysitting
and afternoons until nights at 'gennaros garden and grill restaurant'.
my new place of work that i loveeeee...
please come visit me and enjoy the most amazing food.
no seriously its amazing.
i promise.
(try the mancheco salad, creme brulee, gennaros risotto, halibut,
sparkling lemon mojito, and layered vegetable lasagna... oh gosh)

but really...
ive had no time unfortunately to cook, craft, hike, kayak, explore, etc.
so nothing too exciting to post these days.
but im loving the work and all of my little babysitties!

only a bit longer of this crazyiness and then ill be back!
see you then!
goodnight my friends:)