September 8, 2010


okay so i have been m-i-a recently.
working mornings until afternoon babysitting
and afternoons until nights at 'gennaros garden and grill restaurant'.
my new place of work that i loveeeee...
please come visit me and enjoy the most amazing food.
no seriously its amazing.
i promise.
(try the mancheco salad, creme brulee, gennaros risotto, halibut,
sparkling lemon mojito, and layered vegetable lasagna... oh gosh)

but really...
ive had no time unfortunately to cook, craft, hike, kayak, explore, etc.
so nothing too exciting to post these days.
but im loving the work and all of my little babysitties!

only a bit longer of this crazyiness and then ill be back!
see you then!
goodnight my friends:)

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