February 28, 2011

all smiles.

the end.

today i am with my bestest, bestest, bestest friend.
and this is how i feel.

horray for being reunited for the weekend:)
i love you b!

happy monday.

hello everybody!
heres a few things that are making me happy today...
1. a weekend full of hiking up madonna mountain and on the bluff on montana de oro
from madonna looking over slo.
from the bluffs of montana de oro over the clear (weird?!?) pacific ocean skies.

2. four days until i get to see dr. brandon weipert, dpt in the making! ahhh so excited!!!

3. big ol' coffee in hand as i type this. thank the coffee god, or i would be a cranky, unproductive girl today

4. a girls night out at a hotel for my friend katies birthday- and yes we did watch four episodes of locked up raw, eat a whole baguette with cheese, stroll on the beach, and enjoyed 'jo mamas' coffee and quiche in the morning in avila. perfect, i know!

5. get to see my seeester this weekend down at ucla where she goes. wahoo!
can you say ucla cafeteria brunch, third street promenade, and novel cafe dinner= best thing in the world

and as for your monday, if it hasn't already been great, i hope it turns right around and puts a smile on your face.
happy monday to my 3 readers/followers;)!

February 24, 2011

morning stroll.

today was the perfect day for a morning stroll.
beautiful weather, no class until 1pm, and there's been a whole lot of this...
aka trying to get my life together...
resume writing, grad school searching, internship finding, additional certifications, job openings, classes situating, oh yea and that thing that you call 'college graduation' in less than four months?!?!

so anyhoot, i met my dad for breakfast at 'the breakfast buzz' then decided to take a walk instead of heading back to the apartment to do more planning, sleeping, eating, etc.
i walked to my moms office,
chatted a bit,
strolled around downtown,
grabbed an always delicious 'black horse coffee',
snapped some pictures here and there,
people watched,
then headed back to the apt in a round about way.

it was great and cleared my head a bit.
there's nothing like a little slo town morning walk.
everything's so peaceful, happy, and simple.
just what i needed.
i mean really, you gotta love the outdoor cafes,
old people sipping coffee on a thursday morning at 1030am,
friendly people waving 'hello',
and the simple, safe, and clean feel of higuera st. and downtown slo.
to top it off, i get to come back to this apartment,
with this view,
and great roommates.
no wonder oprah says slo is the happiest town in the usa!

life's rough, huh?

enjoy your cold, cold thursday night or
maybe ill see you at farmers market tonight?

February 22, 2011


this weekend i was fortunate/spoiled/lucky to be able to head 20 miles up north to one of my favorite little towns in the whole wide world--- cayucos, cailfornia.
my roomie's parents have a few houses there and a small group of us went there for the weekend to relax and have a little fun! (thank you roomies family:)
it was great to just hang out and do nothing. it almost felt like summer or spring break and to think that think that i live in a place that most people come to for vacation. so crazy and lucky!
anyway, it was great to spend some quality time with my friends (that are more like family) and to soak up a little pacific ocean time! oh and that whole three day weekend thing was awesome too!

hope you had a relaxing and fun weekend!
happy tuesday!

February 18, 2011

rainy day.

today is a rainy day here in the beautiful san luis obispo
and i love rainy days!

rain makes me think about cozy warm fireplaces,
with a big cup of hot cocoa or peppermint tea,
while watching a great season of friends or chick flick,
and if im gonna do that then im gonna need a craft to keep my hands busy,
and while im enjoying my day im gonna need some cozy jammies on,
so after i do all of that im gonna need to make a nice steamy homemade soup to enjoy,
and once my belly is full i would love a great snuggle with my b:)

so i guess you get what happens when you give an emily a rainy day...

but really, how great does that sound?

cheers and enjoy your rainy day:)

February 14, 2011

i and love and you

200 some miles apart... and so in love.
you get me. you challenge me. you know me. you support me. you love me.




happy valentines to my first and only love, brandon!
i miss and love you bubba!

p.s. check out the blog later today or tomorrow for a little snapshot of our girly valentines party. ah yeee!

February 7, 2011

happy monday.

so yesterday i had to say 'see you later alligator' to my best friend and boyfriend brandon,
because today he starts graduate school at asuza pacific where he will get his doctorate, yes doctorate, in physical therapy. what, what?!? what a stud. he'll be the bestest pt in the whole world and so many little children will be so lucky to have him as their pt someday.
i am so happy for him:)
see you in a few weeks! i love you dr. weipert! xo!
happy monday because i get to spent pretty much every waking moment with these three jems.
they even had the sweetest card and cookies set out in my room for when i got home from dropping off brandon and to top it off we have a roomie dinner tonight. yay!
happy monday because class got canceled today and homework got postponed, meaning i get to make my valentines cards today... and we all know how much i love crafting!
(thanks martha)
happy monday because i treated myself to a medium non-fat iced white mocha from peets and im probably gonna splurge on a gus's sandwich today. we all know i believe that food is the best when you need a little pick-me-up:)
happy monday because i get to plan, clean, reorganize, rid-out, etc etc etc my life this week. no major tests or projects and i need a little me time. its been too long and those four loads of laundry are only growing. ahh spring is near and the sun is already out. yaya for february in slo!
(too bad i didnt take this picture... maybe a hike up madonna or bishops this weekend?)
maybe the start to a new series of 'happy monday.'
but who are we kidding? im the worst blogger ever.
its worth a try i guess.

p.s. this is just for you roomies. since i just found out you group text when i blog.
thanks for making me feel important:)