February 28, 2011

happy monday.

hello everybody!
heres a few things that are making me happy today...
1. a weekend full of hiking up madonna mountain and on the bluff on montana de oro
from madonna looking over slo.
from the bluffs of montana de oro over the clear (weird?!?) pacific ocean skies.

2. four days until i get to see dr. brandon weipert, dpt in the making! ahhh so excited!!!

3. big ol' coffee in hand as i type this. thank the coffee god, or i would be a cranky, unproductive girl today

4. a girls night out at a hotel for my friend katies birthday- and yes we did watch four episodes of locked up raw, eat a whole baguette with cheese, stroll on the beach, and enjoyed 'jo mamas' coffee and quiche in the morning in avila. perfect, i know!

5. get to see my seeester this weekend down at ucla where she goes. wahoo!
can you say ucla cafeteria brunch, third street promenade, and novel cafe dinner= best thing in the world

and as for your monday, if it hasn't already been great, i hope it turns right around and puts a smile on your face.
happy monday to my 3 readers/followers;)!

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