February 24, 2014


i'll be honest, as much as i have tried to embrace this in-between time while i wait for a job to come around and after all of the constant stimulation of twenty-something straight years of school culminating in the craziness of masters projects, i am quite far from relaxed. 
while i am firm in my desire to pursue the best possible position for me, i remain restless in the everyday.

if it weren't for my little friend yoga, i don't think i would be sane.

the past few months have given me the blessing of time.
time in which i have used to explore several different types of yoga and made it a conscious practice to set aside time to practice mindfulness in the midst of my always-thinking-little-mind. 
my inner contentment has never been more centered than in the little hours of the day on my mat. 

and to that i say,

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