February 26, 2014


the everygirl blog has remained a staple in my blogroll reads.
everything from cooking to travel to politics to careers.
it's a realistic and informative site with a fun amount of bloggy flair.

i love this most recent post on shopping and eating healthy.
if you are like me and cooking is for one or two people, you know how hard it is to pick up groceries frugally, yet super fresh and always a bummer when you have to toss something or you have to make a trip back early. this little article and recipes were a great snapshot of practicality and wholesome goodness.

anyone still holding on tight to their new years resolutions for healthy eating or working out?
my juicer is still getting is go around about once a week at least and my yoga regiment is steadily improving. not to say that i haven't had my bouts with pizza, nachos and all day lounging... but still. 
happy healthy eating loveys!

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