March 24, 2011

happy (monday) thursday.

alright, alright im a few days late but for good reasons this time.
today is a happy thursday because...

i'm on spring break! owoww!

yay for two great friends getting engaged this past weekend. i am sooo happy for you joe and kelly!!!

i got to spend my whole first part of break with brandon!
it was the best. ever.
chocolate chip pancakes, soccer, fort building, snuggling, basketball, froyo, grad school meetings, movie nights, just to name a few.
got to peruse the santa monica farmers market, cruse around 3rd street, and enjoy delicious crepes with my sister yesterday. imperfect, farmers ranunculas? yes please!
brandon and my mid west, cardiovascular disease inducing dinner. i made the good ol' mashed potatoes, fried chicken, cream corn, grads rolls, and roasted brussels sprouts. we created these masterpieces- grands roll covered in mashed potatoes with homemade cream corn on top. stop. don't judge until you try it. im a big proponent for starch on starch foods and if youre from the mid-west, i guarentee you'll l-o-v-e.
as of tomorrow... my birthday is exactly one month away. and we all know how much i love my birthday month. i milk it for all is worth... yeeee!

happy happy happy.
and spring break weather, im ready for you to act like spring break weather.
please and thank you.

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