May 16, 2011

happy monday.

today is a quiet, rainy happy monday. despite the gloomy weather, i am happy today because...

:::officially off to los angeles for the fall)! a much needed change of place and pace!

:::twenty-six days until i graduate! got the invitations in the mail the other day. owwoww!

:::weekend of great food and even better company from my future roomies, my sister hannah and her friend emily. they are just so great and im so excited to live with them in the fall!

:::great family time this weekend and a low-key week at school. can you say winding down? yea!

:::i know i already posted about it but i am thrilled about my square foot garden. i can't wait to cook and enjoy all of the spices and herbs in a bit.

:::discovering 'pinterest' and finding all kinds of new inspiration. maybe i should tackle a craft, recipe, or something in the near future?

whats keeping you happy today?
cuddle up, have some tea, grab a book or magazine, and enjoy your night! xo!

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