May 23, 2011

happy monday.

hello again.
today has been a long day,
so i will keep it short and simple.

here are my 'happy things' on this may day.

brandon. get to see him this coming weekend. i miss him. so much.
hannah. weekend fun at novel cafe and sister time. counting down the days.
schools almost out. for a while this time. hello graduation.
my new 'pinterest' account. i am literally obsessed. yes, obsessed.
coffee. if it weren't for you there would be no happy monday.
finishing up the spring quarter and the best college years ever with the walnut crew. you're awesome w.c.
knowing that summer bbqs, fresh garden produce, home cooked meals, long naps, mornings of jammies and endless coffee, family dinners, and early bedtimes are just around the corner. gosh i sound old and boring. but honestly, so great.
(so true- excited for the coming months/year/years)

goodnight my friends.
sleep tight and enjoy your tuesday.

1 comment:

  1. You are just delightful! And reading your writing, I can hear exactly how you would say everything. It's so funny to me.