May 9, 2011

happy monday.

happy monday.
woahhh. how did i manage to miss so many mondays/month of blogging?
crazy. crazy. crazy.
but lets get to the things that are making this a 'happy monday'...

stagecoach music festival. aka the culmination of great country music, rednecks, beer, dirty camping, and friends!
argentinean lunch for my birthday, complete with empanadas and quilmes beer. thanks b!

a weekend away and a hike to eaton falls with b. so great!
small easter with the fam. delicious food and great company always.

my birthday. thanks family, friends, and roomies! it was great!

my first visit ever to the all wonderful 'papersource' store. its like heaven.
five weeks until i am officially a cal poly college grad. woowoo!

some exciting new plans for fall;) more to come soon.

hope you have a happy monday!
see you soon!

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