April 5, 2011

hello birthday.

so for all who don't know me...
i love my birthday.
it has become some what of a joke within my extended family and i make sure to let EVERYONE know just when the big day is, usually in a countdown manner.
this year i will be 22. i feel like thats an 'old age'. like i have to officially grow up now. blah.
since i have this lovely blog, i figure... why not put up a birthday list on here. right?
here are a few ideas:
(not that i need any of these things- purely WANT not NEED)

'hot tools' curling iron
'keen' water sandals
anything 'lululemon'- especially the 'instride jacket'
coffee cards for my 'minor' addiction
'skaggen' watch
'mizuno' running shoes
iphone4 armband case
running tights
'longchamps' bag
'steve madden' boots
'around the world' ticket/ ticket to europe/ ticket to south america/ ticket to new zealand/ ticket to anywhere in the world where i could go on an adventure

like i said... purely want.
i don't think there's a thing in this world that i need right now.
ive got more than i deserve.
but its always fun to dream big. yea?

happy 20 days until my birthday;)
have a great day!!!

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