July 28, 2011

good ol' time.

our state fair is the best state fair,
don't miss it,
don't even be late!
(remember how good that movie was... so good)

it's fair time and i'm a reminiscin'...
back to the 4-H days,
ms. karens dipped ice creams,
5am barn duty calls with breakfast burritos,
card game tournaments,
wrangle outfits,
hay bale naps,
and those 100 degree nights.

switch that around and add a few years...
now its concerts,
overpriced drinks,
never ending nights with friends,
strolls through the barns,
reminiscent ice creams,
stopping though to watch the shows,
and those 100 degree nights.

funny how things change,
but still stay the same.

stay redneck mid state fair.
you will always be my favorite week in july.

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