March 2, 2010

seester time

this weekend i had nothing going on and i was able to head down south to scripps college in claremont, ca to celebrate my best friend jen's birthday party! i had a blast and certainly enjoyed the fancy "cafeteria", orange and olive tree lined pathways, and b-e-a-u-t-f-u-l campus. its like resort college.... so beautiful and great, creative, fun people! thanks jen and friends i had so much fun!

after the fun birthday and stay at claremont i headed back to the city of angeles to hang out with my bestest seester hannah at UCLA! we had the best weekend. period. we ate emily/hannah meals, did a little shopping, chatted like sisters do, and i got to watch her soccer game on sunday.

i think the best part of the whole trip was our dinner at the "novel cafe" in westwood. warm goat cheese salad (that was bomb!) and rosemary chicken and eggplant sandwich. yummmmm!
if all of that wasn't great i topped off my trip with a famous "diddy riese" cookie sandwich for $1.50! ahhhh! i splurged for a chocolate-chip cookie, peanut butter cookie, and cookies-and-cream ice cream...
i can't take credit for this picture... i should have thought to snap a picture of my creation. thanks google!
is your mouth watering yet? $1.50? how do they do that?

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  1. yayy. I made another appearance in the blog! what is the bottom billion? it sounds a lot like all of the things we were talking about.
    and come back!